When is the best time to send email newsletters?

A professional and intelligently formed newsletter will definitely be well received by your customers – if it arrives at all, that is. In order to make sure that your message is found and read, and doesn’t end up in the mess of a flooded inbox, the dispatch time must be taken into consideration.

The importance of the right sending time in email marketing is not something to underestimated. Countless studies  show that open rates are noticeably higher at some times than at others. Our many years of experience also confirms this claim. There are, however, clear differences between the B2B and private customer areas.

In the B2B world it is more advantageous to send emails at the start of the week than at the end, and earlier in the day is also better than later. The ‘post’ is usually dealt with in the mornings. Midday and the afternoon do not usually allow any more time for that. Because Monday usually brings a plethora of tasks for the week, not to mention a full inbox, it can often be worth waiting until Tuesday to send your email. This generally yields very good open rates. Sending newsletters on Friday afternoon or at the weekend should be avoided at all costs. Such emails remain unread in the postbox, hidden among the other weekend emails and are usually ignored, as they are already considered to be ‘from last week’.

In contrast to B2B, it can be extremely beneficial to send emails within the private customer sphere at the weekend (also called B2C). Those who are very busy or at work during the week have a lot more time and peace on Saturdays and Sundays to read longer emails. If you absolutely need to send your newsletter on a weekday, then these parameters should be adhered to: Either send between 8 and 11 am or 6 and 9 pm. Open rates have shown themselves to be significantly higher during these periods.

Of course, we know that this information only offers a general framework from which one can work. The optimum results for newsletters are achieved by not always sending at exactly the same time. This would reduce the impact of the email. Finally, it is essential to find out more about the best dispatch time for your recipients and your specific target groups. Test out different times yourself to see which results your recipients bring. With our scheduling facility and comprehensive newsletter reports, this should be a walk in the park.

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