Turn Christmas Into a Gift – For Your Business (Holiday Email Marketing 2/3)

5 Tips to Optimize Your Holiday Email Marketing

At first glance, the Christmas holidays don’t seem particularly appealing for Email Marketing. Your customers, as well as your employees, are looking forward to relaxing holidays at home. A little food, a little drink, and a lot of holiday gifts – all of which were purchased from your amazing online shop, of course!

But if you plan things out right, this time also offers you advantages because with Email Marketing, you can schedule all of your newsletter dispatches well in advance. You don’t need to be the lonely figure in your office hitting “send.”

Not only can you hope to achieve a boost in sales, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to provide your customers information that they’re more likely to read, as well as learn a bit more about your customers: when they read their emails (while not at work), what kind of content is important for them over the holidays, and which products are particularly attractive.

Part 2 of our Email Marketing for Christmas series gives you 5 more tips to get the most out of your Email marketing during the holiday season. (Read Part 1 Here)


  1. Preparation is Everything. Set up automated newsletters that are dispatched even when you’re not in the office.
  2. Say When You’re Available. Let customers know your holiday hours and when you’re available, and provide emergency contact information if necessary.
  3. Your Customers are Still Checking Email. Don’t be afraid to send out good content! You’re at home checking your emails, and your customers are too.
  4. Flash Discounts. Let your website work for you by sending out limited-time flash discounts.
  5. Send, Track, Learn, Repeat. Never stop learning. Take the time between Christmas and New Years to figure out what works – and what doesn’t.
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1. Preparation is Everything

Automated newsletters are your first choice resource in this case. You should segment your contact lists to account for different groups of recipients, for example:

  • Customers who’ve sent Christmas gifts (“We hope you’ve enjoyed the…”)
  • Christmas greetings for both new customers and those who didn’t order anything
  • Holiday-themed promotions or sales
  • Information regarding new products or events in the New Year
  • Any others that you can think of! You know your business better than we do, naturally.

2. Let Your Contacts Know When You’ll Be Available

Make sure that people know when you’ll be available over the holidays – and when you won’t be. Nothing is more frustrating for customers when they need to reach someone and nobody’s picking up the phone.

Avoid this problem by letting your customers know when you’ll be able to help them, and if necessary, any additional contact information for emergency contacts.

In case you’re internationally active, you’ll need to keep in mind that different countries and regions might have different holiday traditions.

Segment your email lists based on where your recipients are located (for example, a Boxing Day email works great in the UK, but customers in the USA might wonder why you’re sending an email about the next boxing match)

3. You’re Checking Your Emails – and Your Customers are, Too

We’ve all been there: you’ve traveled home, you’ve opened the gifts and now you’ve got a bit of time. What do you do? Open your phone and check your emails, or browse a few online shops, of course!

You aren’t the only one: your customers are doing the same thing. And when your automated newsletters arrive in their inboxes over the holidays, it means that your products and services are what they’ll be reading about. This is a great time to recommend products (“Other customers have purchased…”) or remind people that they’ve got items remaining in their shopping carts.

With personalized, automatically-dispatched Holiday Email Marketing newsletters, it’s easy to segment your recipient lists and make sure that the right messages are arriving in the right inboxes at the right time.

4. Flash Discounts

One big advantage that you have as an online retailer is that, unlike brick-and-mortar shops, your website is open for visitors all day, every day. Even if orders are placed while you’re sitting cosily on the couch, you’re still making sales.

Use this opportunity to send short-term rebate codes, so-called “Flash Discounts”. Make them time-sensitive and include a strong call-to-action: “Make a Purchase in the next 24 hours and receive your next purchase free!”

Your customers are already in gift-giving mode, so it’s up to you to take advantage by getting your products in front of the people most likely to buy them.

5. Send, Track, Learn, Repeat

Use the information that you collect from your Holiday Email Marketing campaign as part of a broader effort to understand what worked – and what didn’t – in this year’s email marketing campaigns.

Take the time between Christmas and New Years to take stock of how you did. Look over your KPI’s – opens, clicks, and conversions, and look back on which products and offers performed best. No matter how successful you are, there’s always room for improvement.

Because before you know it, the calendar switches over and it’s time to accelerate into the New Year!

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