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Increasing brand recognition in your Email Marketing

Company recognition is one of the cornerstones of effective marketing. A consistently implemented corporate design ensures that customers remember you, identify your brand quickly and thereby, make faster buying decisions. This should not be forgotten even in the online world as all appearances should be made consistent, including e-mail marketing. Fortunately newsletters can easily support a unified corporate or brand image with little effort. For the recipient, a more seamless transition between the visual newsletter and website means a more attractive overall user experience.

What’s included in the corporate design?

First of all, the corporate design includes a logo. This should be easily visible, so that recipients know who they’re dealing with in the newsletter itself and anywhere throughout the application. The font and font color should match the Email marketing and all other means of communication. The commonly used colors should also be discreetly reflected throughout the newsletter, with enough white space for the user to read comfortably.

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The layout and general impression should also be taken into consideration. For example, the visual language, the nature of the graphics or the arrangement of the text and image elements. And finally, a point that is often neglected is that of the company identity. The language, tone, word choice and customer greeting should match the rest of your e-mail marketing communication.

How can I implement my corporate design in Email Marketing?

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Excellent question. As already mentioned, recognition should be achieved in email marketing at every point of contact. In a newsletter itself, design can be achieved through doing the following: The logo should always be included and color, font and layout based on the design of your website or own online shops. If there are changes to the design, all means of communication should be adapted accordingly. To ensure newsletter creation is consistent and swift, you should definitely create your own newsletter template which can be programmed for repeated use. This can be done using prefabricated Newsletter blocks.

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If the individual demands are higher or you need a template with special features, it’s worthwhile to use a professionally programmed Newsletter template specifically for your own website or your own shop. This is especially easy if one adapts content from the website or products from the shop directly via an interface in the newsletter. Then you don’t need to worry about the uniform representation. Responsive design ensures that the newsletter will be adjusted for all devices and displayed correctly without any additional effort.

On the other hand, recognition in Email Marketing can also be strengthened at points of contact outside of the actual newsletter. This includes for example the Newsletter registration form which should also be kept in the corporate design. The pages which follow registration form data entry and after clicking on the double opt-in link are quickly forgotten. If these are also kept in the corporate design, recipients should always know exactly where they are or with who they’re interacting with. Here confidence can also be strengthened through consistency.

As an agency, can I also present corporate design in my e-mail marketing software?

As an agency you can offer corporate design in your Email marketing Software without reprogramming the entire software yourself. Your customers will then see the software as your product- all you need is a White-labelled software solution.

The software provider branding is first removed, and the software is then completely adapted to the style of the agency. Newsletter2Go is available as a white-label solution, so an individual color scheme and a logo can therefore be used. All functions of the email marketing software can be offered as a separate product and increase the scope of services within your agency with little effort.

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