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Email as Part of Your Successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

As an online retailer, what do you need to know about ‘omnichannel marketing strategies’? This buzzword is used more often nowadays, but what exactly does it mean? And more specifically: how important is the role of email in omnichannel marketing?

Sales Channels

To get an idea of what omnichannel means, it is worthwhile to start pointing out the different types of sales channels. They are divided as follows: single channel, multi channel, cross channel and omnichannel.

Single channel

Single channel describes the sales of a so-called ‘traditional’ store. The consumer buys and the retailer sells products through one channel, namely, the physical shop.

single channel

Multi channel

This makes it not only possible to buy and sell in a physical store, but online as well. In this way, two channels arise.


Cross channel

Cross channel takes it a step further. The various channels are intertwined in cross channel marketing. For example, when a customer buys online, he can pick the product up in the physical store. Both selling and communication take place through various channels.


First of all, omnichannel marketing has everything to do with the ‘total customer experience’, both online as offline. Various channels intertwine but the perception, prices and information remain the same. You can find some examples here.

omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing confronts retailers with a new challenge. The art is to keep corporate design and information constant in all the channels through which customers are updated about the product, services and the company itself.

This is easier said than done, due to the fact that the different channels are intertwining in more complex ways nowadays. In omnichannel marketing, customers are approached through smartphones, television as well as acquaintances, advertising, numerous apps and of course social media.

But email is actually gaining in popularity. Don’t miss out on the following successful omnichannel possibilities that email newsletters can offer:

1. Email Newsletters and the Customer Experience

Email marketing is an ideal marketing strategy for retailers and in particular online retailers. With little effort and a relatively low financial risk, the revenues increase and the customer loyalty strengthens significantly when using online newsletters.

Email is not only gaining popularity amongst (online) retailers, but also amongst their customers! While emails do not sound that fancy nowadays, they actually fit perfectly in omnichannel marketing.

Emails are widely applicable, reach a broad audience (both youngsters and elderly) and are reliable. Furthermore, people can only receive newsletters when they signed up for them through one way or the other. But emails neither look the same nor are displayed similar in the inbox of the recipients.

This is the reason newsletters are ideal when sent through email marketing software. Using professional software, you can design newsletters yourself online, without downloading or programming knowledge. Often, email software providers can design your own personal template in your corporate design, so that it corresponds with the design of your shop.

This possibility contributes to the consistency of the ‘total customer experience’ and is therefore an effective tool in omnichannel marketing.

2. E-Commerce Integrations

Besides the corresponding experience of the newsletter and the shop, newsletters are suited for omnichannel marketing strategies for other reasons. For example, by using e-commerce integrations.

Current email marketing software allows you to connect the sales process with your communications strategy. Some email marketing software is tuned in to (online) shops. Retailers could, for instance, by using the product ID only, copy the complete product from the webshop into the newsletter via a plug-in. Price, image, description, etc. are copied with just one click, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

In this way, a newsletter functions not only as an email, but as well as a source from where recipients can not only learn about special offers, but as well directly put them in their digital shopping cart. This integration is ideally combined with a personalized introduction, which is easily made in the software on the basis of customer traits.

3. Email Marketing Automation

Another effective advantage of emails can be found in their automation capability. Most of the emails need only be made once, before they are to be sent out on special occasions automatically, as so-called trigger-mails.

Think about a voucher code for someone’s birthday or a reactivation mail after persistent inactivity on the website. Thanks to personalization, the automated emails can be tuned in to every single recipient in detail as well.

The various possibilities as described above positively influence the extent of customer loyalty. This can only be achieved when the total customer experience remains constant. For retailers and the ecommerce sector in general, email marketing software provides numerous possibilities that can contribute to a strong and successful omnichannel marketing strategy.

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