Facebook vs. Email: A generation conflict?

Social media platforms have evolved into vast virtual market places. Today, advertisers can reach 800 million users all over the world via facebook. In Germany alone the American network is already used by more than 22 million people – and this is on the increase. [1]

In 2011 Facebook generated a turnover of 3.7 billion dollars. 85% of this turnover was generated through advertising. Accounting for 28% of the total US online advertising market, Facebook was the uncontested market leader in this field and aims to further advance its lead over companies such as Yahoo! and Google. [2]

In light of this astonishing development we must ask ourselves this question: will marketing by means of social media supersede classic newsletter marketing?

The answer? Absolutely not. In fact, the market research company Forrester has predicted an increase in european investment into email marketing in 2012 by 2.3 billion.
[3] Furthermore, according to a new study by PewResearch, 44% of all German adults do use the internet but are not active on social network sites.
[4] This target group can only be reached by email newsletters. So the email remains the most important instrument for online marketing.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, it has become more and more evident that social media marketing is not in competition with newsletter dispatch. The trend in newsletter marketing is moving towards a strong use of integration into social media, in order to combine the advantages of both channels. This involves not only the use of ‘share’ buttons in emails, but also the strategic use of social media monitoring.

It is acknowledged that  social online networks and classic newsletter dispatch are two channels of communication that have their own strengths. But these strengths can complement each other hugely. The apparent generation conflict is turning out to be an invaluable source of new paths and destinations in online marketing.



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