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Emojis, Social Media Icons, Responsive Form Layout and Much More

While a heat wave envelops the city of Berlin, our developers have been hard at work. We’ve got a lot of software news to tell you about. Keep reading to learn about responsive forms, contact list performance and new social media icons. You’ll also notice updates to email templates, integrations, contact management, data processing, campaign sending and our in-software English language. And finally, our biggest news of all: You can now add emojis to your campaigns.


What’s New? Topics Covered in This Post

Embed Social Media Icons Directly Into Your Campaigns

Our new social media icons let you quickly outfit your campaigns with embedded links to all your important social channels. You can choose from up to 11 different social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. And as always with Newsletter2Go, we give you multiple customization options for your buttons – they can appear in color or black and white, round or square format, and any size from extra small to extra large.

how to insert social media

Use Emojis to Evoke Emotions

Originally invented in Japan, emojis have found their way into nearly all corners of the marketing world. And email marketing is no exception! Not only are emojis popular, but when used in a relevant manner, emojis have been proven to boost email open rates. They can bring color into the subject line and make your email stand out in an inbox. Newsletter2Go now allows you to insert all your favorite emoticons into your campaigns. And you’re not limited to the subject line or a text box. Emojis can be inserted in the preview text and the sender and reply-to names, as well!

Are you ready to get creative and start decking out your mailings with emojis? Here’s what you need to know. Newsletter2Go is now compatible with all emojis in UTF-8 format. Here’s a complete list of UTF-8 emojis. Once you’ve chosen your emoji(s), simply copy the browser version of the emoji and insert it into your campaign. You can adjust the size by adjusting the font size.

Watch this space! An in-app emoji picker button will be coming soon, so you’ll no longer have to cut and paste emojis.


Note: Emojis will not appear the same in all email clients. Older providers may not be able to display them correctly or could show them with errors. This is why we recommend that you test your campaign in various email clients before sending.

Embed Forms Optimized for Mobile Devices

We’ve updated the Forms area so you can now find everything you need on one page. When creating forms in our editor tool, you can now display the hosted form with a single click. Once you’ve checked the website or pop-up, simply select Embed Form to access the necessary javascript. Before embedding the form, you can turn on Responsive Layout. Our responsive layout has been optimized for all mobile devices. It’s time to say goodbye to readability problems, finger-fumbling zooming and poor mobile display.

responsive form

See How Your Contact Lists Are Performing Directly in the Dashboard

Identifying changes to your contact lists quickly and comprehensively helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your market. That’s why you now see this information directly in the dashboard. Logging in takes you to the dashboard, where you’ll find an overview of contact list performance in the upper right-hand corner. Statistics on the number of recent subscribers and unsubscribers are available for the last seven days, 30 days or last year.

Access In-App Video Tutorials

Feeling uncertain about how to execute a certain function in our software? Now you don’t even have to navigate to our website for a refresher. You can access all video tutorials directly in the app. Under the Support menu, you’ll find help articles, the contact button and now over 40 tutorials. We’ve got you covered with topics for those new to the software, such as managing your contacts, creating mailings, reporting, managing your account and your settings, as well as tutorials for the more advanced email marketers, such as email marketing automation. Our video tutorials take you through the software step by step, so you can follow along click by click.

Set Integration Names

Keeping track of all your various integrations can be difficult. That’s why we’ve added the ability to give integrations personalized names. Especially if you’re the type of marketer who has integrated multiple online shops from one single platform into your Newsletter2Go account, this new feature will ensure you can take advantage of the 1-click product transfer with zero confusion. In the settings for your integration, you’ll find a Name field that you can now use to set and personalize your integrations.

Benefit From GDPR-Compliant Changes to How Long Personal Information Is Stored

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on 25 May 2018. Causing waves both within and outside the European Union (EU), the new regulation standardizes data protection laws throughout the EU. It affects any corporate entity with EU-based clients. For more on what this means for email marketers, check out our extensive white paper. We’ve been working hard to make it even easier for our users to comply with this regulation. For example, if emails are being sent to undeliverable email addresses (what’s known as hard bounces) or if contacts choose to unsubscribe from your newsletter, all their correlated personal information will be automatically deleted after seven days. If they are inactive, it will be removed from all contact lists. If a contact unsubscribes from one list but remains active in others, then they will be set to “inactive” status only in the corresponding contact list.

Stop Scheduled Campaigns With New Button

Previously, you only had two options on the Send page for mailings: Send Later and Send Now. If you wanted to stop a scheduled mailing, you had to navigate to the Scheduled page of the Campaign overview. Now, we have a Stop button directly on the Send page itself. You can suspend a planned mailing directly from the campaign creation area without having to navigate away from the page.

stop scheduled campaigns

Customize Your Text Blocks Even More

At Newsletter2Go, we like to give our customers a lot of flexibility when it comes to how they format their mailings. In the editor tool, you’ve always been able to choose the font type, size, color and background color of your text blocks. And now you can do this with preformatted design elements, such as headings in templates, as well. The latest editor tool update allows you to now change the formatting in any text block, so you can more quickly adjust templates to suit your preferences.

View Blacklisted Contacts Under Separate Tab

Blacklisted contacts were previously listed under Inactive Contacts. We’ve moved this feature to its own page to give you a quicker overview. Under the Blacklist tab you can now manage blacklisted domains – adding new domains or editing existing ones. You have the choice to do this globally for your whole account or only for specific contact lists. You might want to blacklist a domain or a specific contact to ensure competitors can’t receive your email marketing, for example.

We’ve Refreshed the English in Our Software

We pride ourselves on being an international team here at Newsletter2Go. Did you know, for example, that our software is available in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch? And that our free knowledge center is available in these languages, as well? If you use our software in English, you might have noticed some changes to the language. We decided to go through and refresh our English vocabulary to ensure it’s up to industry standards. For example, we used to have Address Books and now we have Contact Lists. If you have any questions or comments on the updates, drop us a line or comment below.

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