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5 Unique Content Ideas for your Newsletter

They say content is king – and this is certainly true when it comes to email marketing. If your emails have lost their shine in the inbox, it may be time for a content overhaul. However, finding fresh topics for every single newsletter can be a major challenge. Running out of ideas for your newsletter? We’re here to help you think outside the box.

First things first: what should your email campaigns actually achieve? Above all, you want to provide reader value – be it informative, inspiring or purely entertaining. Think of your newsletter as a midpoint between social media and your blog: more detailed than a Tweet, but more concise than an article. In terms of content, the same rules apply: share interesting, relevant content that speaks to the user. So without further ado: here are five unique ideas to spice up your newsletter.

1. Behind-the-scenes insight

A newsletter isn’t just about driving sales: it’s also a chance to define your brand. Behind-the-scenes content is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and show some personality. Got a new office dog? Expanding your team? Show your readers what you’re up to and make your brand more relatable. There are many different types of behind-the-scenes content: share photos of your team in action, include fun facts about your company or spotlight an employee. This kind of content is incredibly unique, so you’ll certainly pique the reader’s interest. What’s more, it helps to make your brand feel human, which is essential for building consumer trust. Here are some behind-the-scenes newsletter ideas that anyone can use:

  • Introduce new team members
  • Share photos
  • Discuss plans and projects for the future
  • Tell the story of your company’s history
  • Fun facts about your brand
Tip: You can share anything and everything as long as you present it in a concise, fun and interesting way.

2. Industry expertise

A great way to boost open rates and strengthen your brand is to position yourself as an expert. Make your newsletter a must-read by including unmissable industry content. Especially in the B2B market, industry content delivered straight to the inbox offers huge reader value; your subscribers only need to read your email in order to stay up-to-date. There is also plenty of room for variety, so your emails will never get boring. Before compiling your newsletter, see what’s going on in your sector: are there important changes taking place? Interesting events that your readers should hear about? This is also a chance to use your connections: if you know someone who can offer an expert opinion, why not approach them for an interview? The possibilities are endless – try some of these ideas for your next newsletter:

  • A news round-up
  • Clarify industry changes
  • Interesting facts or fun trivia
  • Upcoming events
  • Expert interviews – these could also be included as a link to a podcast
  • The month in review
  • Statistics and forecasts
  • A round-up of your own blog posts
Tip: It’s crucial to present content that is factually correct. Be sure to do plenty of research and use reputable, reliable sources.

3. How-to guides

Don’t just sell your products or services – help your customers make the most of them. Just as you might deliver product recommendations, you can also send informative newsletters based on recent purchases. This is where audience segmentation comes in handy. Group together all contacts who bought a certain product, for example, and send an email newsletter explaining how to use it. An online fashion store could share inspirational looks, while a tech company could provide step-by-step instructions for a particular product. Think about your audience and how you can improve their experience with your brand.

  • How-to guides – visual or written
  • Top tips
  • Recipes, look-books, installation instructions
  • Products in focus
  • Video tutorials
  • Round-up of frequently asked questions
Tip: If ever you’re stuck for newsletter ideas, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What information could really enhance their experience with your products?

4. Fun and games

Variety is the spice of life – and of email marketing. Newsletters can also be fun, and the more interactive, the better. Don’t just inform your readers: encourage them to participate. There are countless ways to involve your audience, from quizzes and contests to puzzles and promotions. Besides providing great entertainment, these newsletter content ideas are great for driving traffic to your social platforms. You can be elaborately creative or keep it simple – it’s entirely up to you. Here are some examples to get the ball rolling:

  • Crossword puzzles with industry buzzwords
  • Flowcharts and quizzes
  • Simple contests: the first ten readers to mention you in a Tweet win a prize
  • Comic strips
  • Include an inspirational quote and reveal who said it on Facebook or Twitter
Tip: This content should be fun for the reader, so make sure it’s easy for them to participate.
email gifts and giveaways

5. Gifts and giveaways

Last but not least, one of the most simple yet effective newsletter ideas. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and you can’t go wrong with a discount or freebie. Every now and again, use your newsletter to treat your subscribers to something special. This incredibly simple technique works wonders for your email marketing strategy, helping to boost open rates and keep subscribers on your list. Of course, it also encourages long-term loyalty: if you’re known for rewarding your customers, they’ll be more inclined to use your services again. Some ideas include:

Tip: Make your newsletter discounts feel exclusive – your subscribers should feel like they’re part of a special club.

Once you’ve got your content, you need to present it in the best way possible. Ready to focus on newsletter design ideas? These useful design tips will help you get started.

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