How to Add Newsletter Signup Forms onto a Facebook Page

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Use Newsletter Signup Forms on your Facebook Page

Thinking of another way to grow your email list?

If you’d like increase the odds of getting more subscribers, add newsletter signup form on your Facebook fan page. The setup is easy and it allows you to maximize the use of social media. This blog post shows you how to integrate customized newsletter signup forms on your Facebook page. Get email signups from Facebook in no time.

This newsletter signup form works just like your Newsletter2Go double opt-in signup form. Once someone fills it out, they will get an email asking them to confirm subscription.

7.12.2016 Update: As of 6.4.2016, the setup of the signup form as well as embedding code generation have changed due to the software update. If you’re using the older software version, skip to the second part of the blog post.

1. Add newsletter signup form


You can easily create the registration form code using our form generator and copy it to the desired location. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to paste it on a website or a Facebook page.

Head to the Newsletter2Go main page and log in to access the software.

Registration forms are accessible in the account overview. Once you head to the signup form overview, you will see the forms that you have generated so far. Select an existing form for your Facebook page or create a new one.

If you create a new form, a JavaScript code will be displayed automatically is step number three. You need a “website form” JavaScript snippet to embed your newsletter signup form on Facebook.

If you would like to choose an existing form, click on the cog. You will also get the code in step number three.
Please note that the landing pages must contain https links, as the Facebook iframe doesn’t redirect to http pages.

Copy the entire JavaScript code to embed your signup form and paste it into your Facebook page as described in the aforementioned step number two.

The video tutorial you get an overview on signup site creation:

2. Set up the Facebook page tab app for signup sites

The good news is that there’s no need to use a Newsletter2Go for Facebook app.

You can insert the signup form in a generic iframe tab.

Please note: Since the iframe tab is an external app, Newsletter2Go is not liable for any damage.

Log in to the Facebook Business page.
Then, in the Facebook search bar, type “static HTML: iframe tab” to get to the tab provider.

Click “Add Static HTML to a Page” and select the page on which you’d like to include the registration form. The tab app will be then automatically added to your page.


Now you can set up the new tab as a newsletter tab. Click on “edit tab”. Now copy the complete JavaScript registration form code into the “index.html” field. Then, click on “save & publish” and your newsletter tab will go live.


Rename the tab so that your fans can find the newsletter signup form. Go to the page settings and click on “apps”. There you will find the static HTML tab. In edit settings, you can choose a name for your tab, so for example “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”. Moreover, you can also add an image, which will then appear on your Facebook page.

Congratulations, you’ve added the newsletter signup form on your Facebook page and now you can get email signups from Facebook.

Please note: The Facebook newsletter signup form pulls directly from your Newsletter2Go signup form. Therefore, if you’d to amend the form, log in to your Newsletter2Go account and edit the signup form there.

If you’re using an older software version, here’s what you need to do to add a newsletter signup form:

1. Create a new signup form

Signup Form

You can also create a new Signup form by clicking on “Create new form.” If you create a new form, the HTML code automatically appears at the end. Copy the HTML Code.

If you already have a Signup form that you’d like to use, click “Edit” and scroll to the bottom. Without changing anything, click “update form” – the HTML code will be automatically generated.

Copy the HTML code.

2. Activate the static HTML iFrame app in Facebook

You don’t need a Newsletter2Go App to add the signup form to Facebook. You’ll just need to use the Static HTML iFrame tab.

Log in to the administrative Facebook profile. In the search form, search for “Static HTML: iframe Tab.” Click on the result.

Click “Add Static HTML to a Page” and select the Facebook page where you want the Signup form to appear. The app is then automatically added to your page.

Static HTML iFrame tab

3. Paste your newsletter HTML code into the iFrame tab

Now you can set up the new tab as a newsletter Signup form. Click on “Edit tab.” Copy the complete signup form HTML code in the field “index.html”. Click on “Save & Publish.”

Static iFrame Tab

Your newsletter HTML signup form for Facebook is now online!

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