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Unsplash Pictures, Emoji Explosion, White Papers at Your Fingertips and More!

August saw the addition of new features that will make creating the perfect newsletter even easier. We’ve integrated a new media library directly connected to Unsplash, which has over 550,000 royalty-free photographs.

We’ve also added a feature that lets you pick emojis and insert them via the editor. In addition, as our customer, you now have easy access to our entire White Paper Download Center. Reporting also has new functions, and we’ve improved our editor in ways we think you’ll like.

Use Top-Quality, Royalty-Free Images in Your Campaigns

This situation might sound familiar: You’ve drafted the text for your email campaign. You don’t have much time left in your workday, but you still need one or two awesome images to make your mailing pop. Maybe you have to search through your in-house gallery of stock photos or company images.

Or maybe you already know about sites like Unsplash and Pexels that offer royalty-free, high-quality photographs. If so, you used to have to visit one of those sites, download an image and then upload it to your Newsletter2Go media library.

Now we’ve got a new editor function that makes it easier for you to incorporate images from Unsplash. (If you’re new to Unsplash, you can read their licensing page and their manifesto about enabling creativity through photography.)

This is what the process now looks like for using Unsplash photographs:

  1. First decide where you want to place an image in your campaign.
  2. Insert an image block from the category Predefined Design Elements.
  3. Click on the image icon to open the media library. You now have two available tabs: Media Library and Unsplash Gallery. In the Unsplash Gallery, you’ll find more than half a million royalty-free, high-quality photos that you can insert into your campaign with a single click.
  4. Enter a search term that matches the topic of your mailing.
  5. Select the perfect image for your campaign.

You’ll save valuable time and impress your recipients with your gorgeous email.

Screen gif of unsplash gallery

Our Tips

👉 Search terms in English perform best in Unsplash.
👉 For optimized display, set photograph width to 600 px in Desktop Settings. Use a width of 100% for Responsive Settings.

How to resize an image

Evoke Emotions With Emojis Directly in the Editor

Last month we shared the news that you could insert emojis in your email headers. Now you can sprinkle them throughout your email campaign, too, with a single click.

Choose where you want to insert an emoji, and click the emoji button, which you’ll find in the far right of the toolbar above the text design element. Emojis add colorful accents and evoke emotions with your recipients. ✨

Tip: Emojis will not appear the same in all email clients. Older providers may not be able to display them correctly or could show them with errors. This is why we recommend you test your campaign in various email clients before sending.

Make the Most of Small Changes With a Big Impact

You now have the option to edit templates you’ve created yourself. These can be found under the Template tab in Campaigns at any time. Templates you’ve created yourself are labeled Custom Template. Thanks to the edit option, you can now change and improve these templates as often as you’d like.

Another important new function is that now when you leave a campaign by clicking on the X in the upper-right corner, you have the option to exit without saving.

We’ve also made a change to how email attachments work. You’ll see a bar showing you the maximum attachment size. If you’re trying to attach a file that is too lage, you’ll receive a warning. As usual, please make sure your attachments correspond to the permitted file formats.

Integrate More Apps With Our New API Documentation & Check Out Our Improved Reporting

We’ve made our application programming interfce (API) documentation even more comprehensive. We’ve also established an integration with Postman, which makes it quicker to load and test the entire API folder. Want to see more? Go directly to the API documentation.

We offer our clients robust reporting, so they know exactly how their email campaigns perform. We’ve now made even more improvements to this category. In Reports, you’ll now see an overview of all groups who received a mailing. In addition, we’ve improved the Contact List Performance graph, which you can find on your dashboard. Instead of only seeing day-to-day growth and losses, you now see changes to the size of your entire contact list.

Download All Our White Papers From One Place

Our customers love our detailed white papers. Now, all Newsletter2Go users can access our new White Paper Download Center directly from our software.

Navigate to the Help section of your account, and you’ll see White Papers in the drop-down menu. This will take you to a page where you can download any white paper.

If you have any questions or comments on the updates, drop us a line or comment below. We love hearing from you!

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