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What’s new at Newsletter2Go?

In October, we worked on new functions in order to improve the editor tool. You can now create fully customizable buttons in different shapes and colors. Of course, you can still use the block personalization function to determine which buttons are shown to which contacts. We’ve also tidied up the dashboard: news and updates can now be found in the account menu drop-down. Learn more in this blog post.

Create fully customizable buttons

create fully customizable buttons

One of the most important criteria for effective email marketing is high click rates. This calls for eye-catching buttons – and that’s exactly what we’ve been working on! We’ve added a brand new feature to our editor tool: the customizable button. Simply click to add a new button to your newsletter and edit the design as you please. Choose the shape, size and color and edit the text. Where necessary, you can also customize the design block so that your button is only shown to certain recipients. Get creative with your buttons! Check out our examples for inspiration:

Example 1: Color play
Show different colored buttons depending on the recipient’s gender, and personalize each button with the user’s first name. If the recipient’s gender or first name are unknown, they will be shown a neutral button.
personalized buttons
Example 2: Complex personalization
The recipient sees a different button depending on whether they are a lead, a new customer or an existing customer. Each button also contains a different link, ensuring that the message is fully tailored to the user.

As these examples show, you can create personalized buttons to address different segments within your contact list. This makes for highly relevant, targeted emails – which is great news for your click-through rates!

create personalized buttons

New and improved dashboard

We’ve also made the dashboard more user-friendly. New updates will no longer be displayed on the home screen: they can now be found under “New updates” via the account menu (this is the drop-down menu under your profile picture). Whenever there’s news, you’ll see a notification next to your profile picture.

new and improved dashboard

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