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New Functionality in Preview, Reporting Gets a Makeover and Much More!

We’ve had a sunny, bright October here in Berlin, and our developers have been hard at work. Our customers now have some exciting new features to use: extended functionality in campaign preview, a new look for reporting, the possibility to duplicate forms and a developer mode feature.

Get Even More Insight From Preview

Chances are you’ve already spent a lot of time with our preview function. Once you’re happy with your email design, you leave the drag-and-drop editor to examine how your mailing will appear in desktop, tablet and mobile view.

When you enter the preview screen, you’ll see two new areas on the right that give you even more information. In the top area, you’ll now see the subject line, preview text and sender.

What’s more, you can now test various personalizations straight from the preview screen. This is what the second area is for.

The preview will start out with all the default values – as if any attributes you’ve included in the email are empty. In the second area, you’ll see fields for entering sample attribute values. For example, if you use first names in your subject line or have personalized greetings, enter sample values here.

Setting the sample attribute values in the bottom area on the right will also make any personalized design elements appear. For example, if you’re sending a multilingual email or displaying products based on customized attributes, you can choose to view how this email will look for a specific contact, or you can simply enter sample values into the fields.

Finally, if you want to double check specific customizations, you can send personalized test versions.

extended preview

Check Out Our New Reports Area

We’ve been working on a major project – a design overhaul of our reporting area. The aim of the new design? To present all KPIs in a clearer and more descriptive way.

And now we’re ready to share our new design with you. It’s currently in open beta. While we are testing this new layout, you can return to the prior design any time you’d like. Simply click on the Change Layout button at the top to do so.

We’re really eager to know what you think about this new design. Please share your feedback with us in an email. Even a few words about the new design would be immensely helpful. Thanks in advance!

In addition, we’ve broken down the KPIs in reporting even more granularly. You’ll see two tabs in the section that lists clicks per link: one for the web version (HTML) of your campaign and one for plain text version.

new reporting

Spruce Up Your Text With Background Images

You might also notice a new feature when working with text in the editor.  In the settings on the left, all text design elements now give you the option to insert a background image. Remember to adjust the picture size to match the size of the text block before you upload, as well. This will ensure optimal display.

Note, however, that this function is not supported by Outlook. So make sure to also set a background color, as well.

how to set a background image

Duplicate Forms With a Single Click

Forms are essential to list growth. Now you can duplicate forms with a single click. This is especially useful if you want to A/B test forms with only minor changes.

Use Our Brand-New Developer Mode

As we mentioned in August, we’ve recently refreshed our API documentation. You can use this to generate code snippets in 15 different programming languages. Now we also have a developer mode, which allows you to easily display the IDs of the API calls that you need. To activate developer mode, go to Profile under the account drop-down and navigate to the API tab. Here you’ll see the possibility to turn developer mode on and off.

Our API is open source, so you can contribute as a developer to our API documentation.

One last helpful update for this month: You can now sort campaigns by date when viewing all mailings.

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