Responsive Design in Email Marketing

The use of smartphones and tablets has increased dramatically in the last few years. More and more people read their emails on a mobile device. Therefore it is particularly important that email marketers can guarantee the best email presentation and display on all devices.


Veränderungen Openings E-Mail-Marketing

Surveys in 2013 showed that 47% of all emails were opened on mobile devices – considerably more than the 32% opened on desktops; or the 21% opened on web clients.

Until fairly recently, however, emails were often only optimised for display on a desktop or in various web clients. Such emails encounter a plethora of display issues on smartphone or tablet devices such as:

– scaled-down images and text blocks
– missing/cut-off content
– faulty links

Maximum readability and display on mobile devices are often not achieved, leading to frustration and even to the email being placed straight in the trash folder.

The use of responsive design is the best way to resolve these display issues. It enables the designer to optimise the content of an email for almost every end-device to achieve the best possible presentation.



So what is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design

Responsive Design uses design technology that relies on a specific CSS3 code called ‘media queries’. The media queries return results from the recipient’s end-device with regards to display options and can then adapt the display of the website or email to suit the end-device’s capabilities. For example, this technology enables emails with multiple columns to be adapted into a single column, and the image sizes, text blocks and links to be changed as necessary.

The use of responsive design enables the entire content and layout to be adapted perfectly according to variables such as screen size, resolution and screen orientation (portrait or landscape). This enhances the readability and makes the email accessible to all recipient groups.

Our tip: if you would like to implement responsive design quickly in your Newsletter2Go newsletters, you have three options:

1.   Simply use one of our standard templates. They all come ready-to-use with responsive design included.
2.   Are you already using a template made by us? We can change your template into one with responsive design. For this we charge a one-off fee of €99 (plus VAT). Just order responsive design from your account and we will get in touch with you.
3.   If you currently use a template that you or your agent have designed, we can also change this to be responsive. To do this we first program your template for our newsletter editor and then subsequently optimise it for responsive design. The programming costs €349 and the implementation of responsive design costs €99. Both are one-off costs. You can order these two items as a package from your account. We will then get in touch with you straight away.

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