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Customer Story: Subway Catering Berlin uses Newsletters as a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

There are lots of Subway Restaurants in Berlin – over thirty at last count. But the delivery service is unique. For more than two years, partners Alexander Rutkowski and Daniel Hinze have been running the only Subway-franchise delivery service in Berlin, delivering delicious sandwiches and wraps throughout the city.

The Subway-branded delivery vans are already an effective marketing tool for Rutkowski and Hinze, but six months ago the pair decided to add another tool to their repertoire: email marketing. They learned about Newsletter2Go’s email marketing service from a marketing agency and signed up for a free account.

“We compared several different email marketing softwares, and we found that Newsletter2Go had the most attractive price-performance ratio,” says Rutkowski. In particular, the 1,000 free newsletters every month and free support were convincing.

Subway Catering Berlin

From 100 to 500 Subscribers in Just a Few Months

The service’s contact list has more than doubled over the past few months. The first newsletter went out to just under 100 subscribers. The second was sent to more than 250, and the most recent was sent to more than 500 subscribers.

More and more customers potential customers are subscribing to’s newsletter. Existing customers also use the newsletter as an opportunity to get in touch. The phone often starts ringing just after a newsletter is sent. Some people even send an email directly after they receive the newsletter with questions, comments – and even an order.

80% of Subway Catering’s clients are companies that order lunch for their office. Private customers normally use the service for celebrations or events: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Rutkowski has even helped to cater a wedding. The contact list is divided approximately the same: 80% B2B, 20% B2C.

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Relevance is Key

Subway Catering Service uses the newsletters to inform customers (and potential customers!) about new campaigns, discounts, and seasonal products. In addition to recent content, there’s also a bit of information about the catering service in general

The key to their email campaigns, says Rutkowski, is relevance. The newsletter should add value for our customers,” he says, “We wait to send a newsletter until we have something that our customers will find interesting.”

Alexander Rutkowski particularly values the detailed reports offered by Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software. “We can see exactly which recipient opened the newsletter, where and when they opened it, and whether they’ve unsubscribed. For us it is also important to see what the recipients like.

If one link is clicked, for example, very frequently, and other links are almost never or rarely clicked. In this way we know what content the customer really likes and we can get an idea of ​​what our customers ultimately really wants.”

The newsletters achieve unusually high open and click rates. While the average open rate is 50%, the click through rate is around 25%. This confirms to the two entrepreneurs is that they’re sending content that their customers really want.

The team of would not want to be without email marketing in the future, because for them it is an inexpensive and effective advertising tool. Both Rutkowski and Hinze are also traveling quite often, and own two separate Subway franchises.

There’s not much time for elaborately planned marketing strategies. “The Newsletter2Go software is clear and easy to understand, everyone can use it. In addition, the newsletter creation and delivery are fast, efficient, and done with only little effort – which is perfect for our tight schedule.”

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