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This January we’ve made some exciting improvements and additions to our software. Get ready to learn about our new grid system, the new global search function and the new A/B test options we developed!

Build Your Campaigns in the Grid System

Our campaign editor got a face lift. And all of us at Newsletter2Go are super excited about the new look. Our devs spent months getting the functionality just right.

Here’s what to expect:

Now when you are creating campaigns, you’ll be using a new grid system that makes it even easier to build campaigns.

Instead of using predefined design elements, as it used to, the new editor is subdivided into two elements: layout blocks and content blocks. You build your campaign by stacking layout blocks. You choose each layout block depending on the number of columns you’d like and how you want them to be distributed.

Once you’ve inserted a layout block, the next step is to drag and drop content blocks into the columns in the layout blocks. Content blocks are the individual design elements you’re familiar with: texts, images, buttons, social media icons, dividing lines and HTML blocks.

Of course, for your existing templates and emails, nothing about the established system will change. You can continue to use your current templates and campaigns as usual.

Any new campaigns you design from scratch, however, will now be built on the grid system. Watch our video for a 4-minute overview of how the grid system works.

Note that the video is in German, but you can turn on English subtitles. Simply click on the icon to the right of the video’s settings gear.

Use the Global Search Function to Find Contacts & Mailings From Any Contact List

Customers working with more than one contact list will be excited about our latest search feature: global search. Global search allows you to search through all mailings or contacts with a single click.

To use it, simply click on the icon of the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of the software next to the main drop-down menu: 🔎 A new search window will open up, and you can choose between searching through mailings or searching through contacts.

Drag and Drop Your Personalizations

Marketers love personalizing and customizing their content. After all, it’s proven to boost open rates when you do something as simple as include a first name in the subject line. Now, it’ll be even easier for you to work with personalizations in the subject line and preview text.

Did you change your mind about where you want to insert your personalization?

No problem! Simply select the personalization you’ve already created, drag it to its new location and drop it there. Click on the pencil symbol to make any edits to the personalization itself.

Carry Out A/B Tests Without a Winner Campaign

We all like winning. But sometimes winning the long game is more important than quick wins. Which is why we’ve developed a new A/B testing option.

You now have two options when you run an A/B test:

  • The classic option – A/B testing with a winner campaign. When you tell the Newsletter2Go software to carry out an A/B test, it first sends out the A version and the B version to only a certain percentage of the recipients. New: You now set this percentage yourself! Based on how the versions perform (which open and click-through rates are better), the software chooses a winning version of the mailing and sends this out to rest of the recipients at a later point (which you set).
  • The long-term testing option – A/B testing without a winner campaign. Instead of letting the software choose a winner mailing, you use the whole group of recipients as the data set. So every recipient you’re sending to receives either the A mailing or the B mailing. With this option, there is only one send time.

Why would you want to use the long-term testing option without a winner?

If you’re gathering data over time and looking to identify repeated patterns, this is a good option. Of course, it means you have to analyze the results themselves in the software’s Reporting area. Overall, it will give you bigger data sets and then you can compare the reporting of several sent emails.


Enjoy a Few Tweaks to Our User Interface

Finally, we’ve made a few additional changes that will have a big impact. For one, we added a small counter that displays how many mailings are selected.


Additionally the fields that you fill out in the Details screen, such as subject, preview text, sender name, now will automatically adjust to the number of characters you’re using. They expand to accommodate longer entries. No more scrolling right!

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