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Direct Marketing At a Glance

There are three main elements to direct marketing: customer, data and testing. Direct marketing occurs when you contact your existing and new customers directly and leave them with a specific call to action. Thanks to a specified actionable segment, you are able to easily track campaign results. You can choose a specific group of people you’d like to target with a customized message. While being cost effective, direct marking is an extremely powerful sales generating tool. It puts a stress on maximizing response rates by using a variety of testing tools, while cutting down on advertising expenses. Direct marketing comes in many shapes and forms, be it direct mail or newsletter.

Direct marketing, if developed wisely, can translate into sales increase. Newsletter2Go is dedicated to help you achieve that goal with its variety of direct email marketing and tracking tools.

Who should employ direct email marketing?

Business of all sized use direct email marketing, be it technology companies or non for profit organizations. In contest to general advertising, it offers a healthy return on investment. Direct email marketing was proceeded by direct mail and mail-order catalogues. The proliferation of Internet services contributed greatly to development of direct email marketing.
According to a 2010 study by the Direct Marketing Association, commercial, marketers and nonprofit spent $153.3 billion on direct marketing. That accounted for more than 50% of all advertisement spending in the USA.

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Benefits of direct marketing

Direct marketing allows you to generate a response from targeted customers.

  • Focus marketing resources on targeted customers
  • Improve future campaigns
  • Boost sales with a clear call to action
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Recapture old customers
  • Get easy to track and tangible results

Building a successful direct marketing strategy

There are four basic principles to launching a fruitful direct marketing strategy.

  1. Start with the database

Before you send out another marketing communication, make sure that your database is up to date and accurate. Remove duplicate entries, correct typos and mistakes to prevent hard bounces. Lean how to manage contacts using our newsletter software.

A clean database is a great source of intelligence about your customers. It will provide you with basic customer information (gender, age, location) as well as their buying habits. Once you are done with data analysis, you can divide your customers into various groups and target them with tailored email campaigns. Learn how to choose the best sender address for your email campaign.


2. Call to action

In order to be measurable, marketing communications should track responses somehow. Every direct marketing campaign should encourage the reader to take a specific call to action, such as “Subscribe to download this whitepaper” (preliminary step leading to sale) or “Buy now to enter prize draw” (sale).

No matter what the call to action is, a successful direct marketing campaign uses the response-rate data to measure campaign effectiveness. While the data should adjust the immediate campaign, marketers shouldn’t stop only there. All campaign data should be compared to get a better picture of your online direct marketing pursuits.

3. Choose the right tools

Once you’ve divided your subscribers into different segments and inserted compelling call to action, choose how you’d wish to reach your audience. Newsletter2Go’s world class newsletter dispatch system will enhance your online direct marketing pursuits. It offers four different ways to reach your customers.

You can use:
-Flexible Newsletter Dispatch
Design the subject and preheader, schedule newsletter dispatch and send out newsletters with attachments.

-A/B Testing and Test Mails
You can also test your marketing with sample groups before you roll out the campaign that will deliver the best response rate.

-Personalized Newsletter Dispatch
Customizing your newsletter has never been so easy. With Newsletter2Go, you can easy personalize subject line, preheader, and sender address in the newsletter. Content customization allows you to save time. Send targeted messages to different customer groups without having to create entirely separate email campaigns.

-Email Marketing Automation
Create automated email campaigns in no time and track your customers’ lifecycle. You can use automated dispatch features to create lifecycle campaigns, including birthday emails. Lifecycle campaigns deepen your relationship with customers and enhance your brand.

Learn more about Newsletter2Go’s professional email dispatch.

Reports Newsletter2Go

4.Track direct marketing campaign results

Direct marketing puts an emphasis on measurable responses. Learning from feedback and acting on it is an essential component of a successful direct marketing campaign. Newsletter2Go offers a wide range of tracking tools that will enhance your direct marketing strategy.

Using our tools, you can easily track, measure and optimize your future direct marketing campaigns. You can:
-track your open- and click rates
Measure your subscribers’ engagement
-gauge the conversion rate number
Build conversion tracking into your newsletter to measure the conversions and sales that have resulted from your newsletter.
-measure bounce rates and unsubscriptions
Get real-time statistics about how many of your campaigns could not be delivered (bounce rate). The unsubscribe- and bounce rates give you information about the quality of your address list and of your newsletter.
-evaluate newsletter content
Discover which content elements of your newsletter perform best with the heat map. See which links in your email were clicked on. Furthermore, you receive the actual figures as well as the results in percentage format.
-connect with third-party tracking tools
With Newsletter2Go, you can activate third-party tracking providers such as Google Analytics or econda.
Clustering allows you to segment your recipients according to identifying traits and find out how your email divided up the recipients within this given group..
Track open rates with google maps.
-export newsletter statistics into PDF or Excel
Send out white-labelled reports in PDF or Excel form to your customers or superiors to make a statement.