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Powerful Software for Email Marketing

Web Based Email Marketing Software:

Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software is a web based email marketing software. It’s free to sign up, and the software itself is free to use. You can log in anywhere, anytime via our website.

Every account receives 1,000 newsletters per month for free. If you want to send more newsletters, our competitive prices deliver value for you and your company. We provide world-class email marketing software for a reasonable price. That’s our promise.

Newsletter Software Editor

 Design Your Next Email Campaign

Creating newsletters with our email marketing software is easy. The editor features drag & drop functionality, meaning that even beginners can design professional-grade newsletters that look amazing. Importing images, files, and other content can be done with just a few clicks.

Our email marketing program offers dozens of free integrations that allow you to link your E-commerce, CRM or CMS system to the newsletter software. This adds powerful email marketing functionality to whichever system you’re using. A list of all E-commerce, CRM and CMS integrations can be found here.

Responsive Newsletter Design cannot be ignored in modern email marketing. 50% of newsletters are now read on mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. To ensure that the newsletters are displayed correctly, the use of responsive design newsletter templates is more than recommended: it’s required.

Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software offers dozens of free newsletter templates that are available for your use. They all feature responsive design, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your newsletters displaying perfectly on every end device.

Responsive Design Newsletter Templates

Import and Manage Email Contacts

Newsletter2Go offers the best email marketing software that you’ll ever need. You can upload contacts in just a few moments with a CSV or Excel, via a newsletter integration, or manually. The data is automatically checked for duplicates. Importing contacts from your E-commerce shop or CRM system can also be made automatically.

Our contact management system is easy to use, and features powerful segmentation features, allowing you to segment groups based on identifying traits, for example purchase history, gender, or age. Contact data is synchronized daily so you can be sure that you are always up to date and you will never send more than one newsletter to the same contact.

Make sure that you stay on the right side of the law, and ensure that all of your contacts have been properly confirmed using the double opt in confirmation process. Using our email marketing software, you can create fully customized newsletter registration forms.

contact management

Design Awesome Newsletters

Use our drag & drop editor to create and design beautiful newsletters. If you use our email marketing program, you also have access to dozens of newsletter templates. Use the free templates as a basis, and let your creativity and imagination take you from there. You can even include videos in newsletters.

A few design pro tips: put your best content at the top of the page. Don’t make your contacts scroll down to get to the content that you really want them to see. Otherwise you risk people closing or deleting your emails before they’ve seen what you really want them to see. You should also include images, but not too many.

Same goes with white space: crowded designs don’t work on your website, and they won’t for your emails either. With the Newsletter2Go email marketing software, the only limit is your own imagination.

Send Emails Securely and With Precision

An important factor in successful email marketing is the delivery rate. When you send an email, make sure that your email marketing software is whitelisted. This certification will ensure that your emails go straight to the recipient’s inbox and not into their spam folder. The result clearly shows a higher delivery rate, which of course leads to more opens, clicks and interactions with your products.

Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software is certified by the CSA and Return PathBecause of the CSA certification, all newsletters delivered with the biggest German email providers such as,,, and more, will not be checked for spam.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of Newsletter2Go’s ReturnPath certification. This covers more than 2.4 billion inboxes worldwide and is particularly suitable for those who sending large quantities of emails internationally.

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The correct sending time is an important factor in the success of your mailing. As a general rule the following applies:

  • B2B Recipients: Mon-Fri mornings
  • B2C Recipients: Mon-Sun mornings or evenings
Email marketing software

Tip: Use the multivariate A/B Test Mailing feature in the email marketing software. Use it to test different versions of the subject and sender line against one another. The most successful email campaign will automatically be sent to the remaining contacts. Features like this make improving the open rates of your mailing incredibly easy.

Tracking: An essential feature of our email marketing software

Sending email campaigns with Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software will automatically generate tracking reports. These tracking reports give you information about the success of your newsletter campaign. Delivery rates, open rates and click rates play an essential role are easily viewed and sorted. In addition to all this, Newsletter2Go offers many more important analytical functions:

Delivery Rate: The delivery rate shows exactly how many newsletters were delivered to the contacts’ inboxes.

Open Rate: States the total number of contacts who opened the newsletter. This also shows how many contacts opened the email within certain time frames.

Click rate: States how many contacts clicked on links within the newsletter. Also states which links were clicked on most often.

Click map: The click map shows which links were clicked on within the newsletter.

Geolocation: Shows geographically on a map where your newsletter was opened.

Conversion Tracking: The number of conversions is counted by means of Conversion Tracking (e.g. purchases).


Google Analytics Tracking: With Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software you can create a connection to your Google Analytics Account with just one click. In this way it is possible to track the success of your newsletter seamlessly with Google Analytics. Numerous additional tracking possibilities: Newsletter2Go’s software offers many more report and analysis possibilities with which you can constantly strive to improve your email marketing (e.g. unsubscribe- and bounce rates).

Software for Email Marketing

Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software offers beginners and professionals alike comprehensive yet user-friendly features that will empower you to create a successful and sustainable email campaign.

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