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1-Click Content Transfer

Transfer content into newsletters in no time. Here are some of its benefits at a glance:

  • Author and title
  • Date and URL site
  • Images and description
  • Category and tags
1 Click Content Transfer

Import content with one click from your CMS into your Newsletter

Do you frequently send updated content such as blog posts from your CMS system? Have you ever wished you could import content with one click? Many marketers wish they sent more newsletters, but never do it because they find newsletter crafting too consuming. If you share this view, there’s some good news for you: you could create newsletters literally in seconds thanks to our email marketing software. Use the advantages of 1 click content transfer for your CMS system. Transfer content into newsletters without the hassle and reap all the benefits at the same time.

Seamless content transfer

Import content with one click by specifying the post ID or entity ID. Then, you can copy the title, author, date, pictures and any other information piece that you wish. Once you’ve decided which elements should make it to the newsletter, they will be automatically synchronized within seconds. Save time and effort with the 1 click content transfer: you don’t need to waste time copying and pasting individual pieces of content, customizing or formatting images.

1-click content transfer & content management systems

1 click content transfer is already available for several content management systems, including WordPressDrupal and Joomla. If you feel like this feature could add value or have questions about 1 click content transfer or how to start using it even today, simply contact our free support.

Hint: In order to use the 1 click content transfer feature and enhance your email marketing, you will need to order a personalized premium template with webshop integration. We take care of designing the template exactly to your specifications, and can even use your corporate design and logos if you want. If you’re not sure what should your template look like, we’re happy to go through it with you. If you’d like to allow for a quick and smooth product integration into the newsletter, you can order a premium template either in your Newsletter2Go account or send an email to our sales team.

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