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Newsletter A/B Testing

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Drive revenue with multivariate email testing:

  • Test subject, sender name and content
  • Up to 3 variants of each trait can be tested
  • Complete newsletter versions can be tested against one another
  • Automatically send the best-performing variant
multivariate newsletter A/B Test

A/B split testing for the best version of your newsletter

Optimize your newsletter delivery using Newsletter2Go’s email A/B testing. Our newsletter tool enables you to test newsletter content, subject line and sender name automatically. We’d like to ensure that you always get to create the best performing version of your newsletter. While you might optimize the newsletter in many ways (for example by personalizing it) you can be never too sure which adjustment works to your advantage. Luckily, email A/B testing leaves no questions unanswered.
The newsletter A/B testing feature helps you enjoy the best open, click and conversion rates. Taking advantage of a/b split testing ensures ROI increase without any additional investment on your part.

What is newsletter multivariate testing?

Multivariate email testing is a technique for testing a hypothesis in which multiple variables are modified. Its goal is to determine which combination of variations performs best. Since newsletters are made of combinations of changeable elements, the feature comes very much in handy.

With Newsletter2Go, you can create up to nine newsletter versions, because each variant (content, subject line, sender name) could be tested up to three times.

These multivariate tests are much more efficient, accurate, and more powerful than simple newsletter A/B testing, where only two variables are tested against each other. Use our testing function to ensure that your newsletter sells even more products. Sell more with less effort.

Multivariate A/B testing with the email marketing software from Newsletter2Go is decisively more exact and powerful than simple A/B split testing, where only two versions can be tested against one another. Use the testing feature to make your newsletter sending procedure even easier and better.

A/B test for better email campaigns

Newsletter multivariate testing enables you to create nine newsletter versions. Each variant will get sent to a random group of contacts. Obviously, you are calling the shots as far as the group size is concerned, however the software chooses recipients at random to ensure quality data of newsletter A/B testing. If you’d like the newsletter multivariate testing to produce representative results, you should allow for a sufficiently large group.

Additionally, you can also define the period between ‘test’ newsletter sending and sending the actual email campaign. Our email marketing software will be analyzing newsletter A/B testing data and the best-performing variant will be sent out on the date you’ve specified. Naturally, you are free to choose which variant should be considered as the winning variant. Please ensure that you ensure for at least a 24 hour gap between the A/B test and the real newsletter sending time. Obviously, you are free to use a/b split testing closer towards the send date, however the feature might not bring the best results. At the same time, you shouldn’t allow for a big gap either.

It is also advisable that each newsletter variant comes with a similar content. It isn’t recommendable to use this feature to compare completely different email campaigns, say sales newsletter with a survey email. Newsletter A/B testing reports help you find out which product produces the best results for different target group.

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