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Newsletter2Go Agency Solutions

available with PRO Plan

Newsletter2Go for Agencies is a perfect solution for agencies. Email marketing software advantages at a glance:

  • A professional email marketing software for your clients
  • Manage client accounts yourself, or just provide access to the platform
  • Activate 1,000 free emails per month for each user
  • Resell email credits to your clients
digital marketing agency solution

Email Marketing Solution For Agencies

Newsletter2Go’s Email Marketing Solutions for Agencies is a professional email marketing software solution for agencies.

Distribute credits to individual clients, as well as turn on access to the 1,000 free monthly emails that you receive for each client.

Manage clients’ email campaigns yourself, or simply provide access: it’s up to you.

More Premium Features for Professional Email Marketing:

How Newsletter2Go Agency Solutions Work:

  1. The Agency Solution site is here: All that you need to get started is a normal Newsletter2Go account.
  2. Log into the Agency Solution site with your Newsletter2Go details.

It’s as easy as that! Once you’ve logged in, you can set up client accounts and immediately start creating professional email marketing campaigns. Newsletter2Go Agency Solutions are easy to implement and work wonders.

Hint: In order to integrate a customer management system with Newsletter2Go, contact our Support Team. Newsletter2Go for Agencies works in a number of different ways. Want to learn more about newsletter features for agencies? Find out about email marketing for digital agencies

Newsletter features for agencies at a glance:

Create Accounts for Your Customers
Newsletter2Go offers email marketing for agencies who want to help improve their clients’ campaign results. Check here our customisable templates.
Create Accounts for Your Customers with a trusted email marketing software for agencies.

Edit your design and manage customer accounts
With Newsletter2Go it is possible to white-label almost anything. Change the logo and colours that your clients see, and make the most of our white-labelled reports. Furthermore, you have access to our comprehensive user management system which allows you to manage permissions and much more.

Teamwork Feature
It’s an email marketing solution for digital agencies to stay organized, save time and deliver big results for their clients. Use the Newsletter2Go team feature to work on newsletters with your colleagues or to present the latest design of a newsletter to your clients.

Secure Dispatch
As a member of various associations (CSA, DDV, Return Path etc), emails sent by Newsletter2go are never checked for spam but are simply delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox. Find out more about email marketing whitelisting or about spam filters and blacklists.

Email Automation
Automated emails get higher than average click rates than regular emails as they speak directly to the customers at just the right time.

Audience Segmentation
Group your audience and automate your email marketing campaign based on subscriber data like demographics, age, spending history, tenure.

The newsletter software by Newsletter2Go offers you comprehensive analysis and tracking options.

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