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Autoresponder & Trigger Emails

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Create autoresponder campaigns based on customer behaviour:

  • Easy to set up
  • Lead your customers through your sales funnel
  • Drive revenue and turn leads into sales
  • Personalised trigger-based emails

Send behavior-based follow-up emails

How autoresponder & trigger emails work

Create effective autoresponder and trigger emails with Newsletter2Go within a few minutes. These emails are sent after your recipient has taken a specific action. Since it’s a timely campaign, trigger-based emails translate into higher open rates.
Behavior-based emails, for example follow-up emails get better stats, because they are personalized. They relate to a situation your customer was in and they are a natural step in your customer’s journey. Autoresponder campaigns get twice the average open rate when compared to conventional newsletters. At the same time, you save your time, because these emails are sent automatically. With Newsletter2Go, you can create and send all sorts of trigger email campaigns. You can set up triggers based on contact traits.

If you’d like to, you create trigger campaigns to recipients who have made a purchase in your store or abandoned their cart. Depending on the action, they will receive a different autoresponder & trigger email. Once you’ve saved the email, everything else will be automatically taken care of. If your contact has displayed a specific behavior, an autoresponder or trigger email will be automatically sent. You don’t even need to worry about newsletter personalization – our newsletter tool will do it for you. All you need to do is to insert the appropriate placeholders in the email template.

Customer targeting has never been so easy. Utilize autoresponder & trigger emails as well as segmentation options to improve your newsletter campaigns. These features, combined with group management are the key to success. Send the right email at the right time with Newsletter2Go.

Autoresponder & trigger emails: tips and tricks

Here are eight essential tips for sending autoresponders & trigger emails. You can send them almost at any time.

  • Welcome email
  • Download confirmation email
  • Product recommendation
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Product opinion email
  • Survey email invitation
  • Re-engagement email
  • Date/time triggered email

Before you create a triggered campaign, make sure it has a personal touch to it. If you fail to include it, your contacts will quickly notice that your newsletters aren’t manually created.

How can you personalize email campaigns? Depending on the target group and email purpose, you can personalize the subject (that means addressing your customer by their name). After all, a compelling subject line will decide in your favor. Moreover, you can also customize the email content, for example by inserting product recommendations.

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