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Central Station CRM Newsletter Integration

Take advantage of the Central Station CRM Integration:

  • Free Central Station CRM Integration
  • Automatic contact synchronization (Standard Plan & up)
  • Top delivery rates thanks to whitelisted servers
  • Professional newsletter dispatch
central station crm

Send Professional Newsletters to your Central Station CRM Contacts

Do you currently use the Central Station CRM product and want to easily and quickly import your contact information into a professional email marketing software so that you can send beautiful and professional newsletter campaigns? If so, our free Newsletter2Go Central Station CRM Integration is perfect for you and your business. The Central Station CRM integration is fast and easy to set up. And it’s totally free.

Central station CRM newsletter integration & contact synchronisation:

Forget about the need to manually import and/or export your entire address lists. If you’d like to save time on this mundane task, you should check our feature out. The CRM integration enables you to import contact data with one click from your CRM system into our software. The integration will automatically create both dynamic and auto-updating contact groups. Take advantage of this feature and send out tailored email marketing campaigns.

Thank to our email marketing integration Central Station CRM you will be always up to date with unsubscribe requests. If a person on your contact list decides to unsubscribe, our newsletter tool will immediately take note of this and stop sending newsletters. This is a great feature as some email providers ask you to manually remove unsubscribed users. If you fail to stop sending unwanted emails, you might get a lot of spam complaints. Learn how automatic contact synchronisation, which will help your business.

High deliverability rate with whitelisted servers:

Thanks to whitelisted servers, Newsletter2Go can achieve delivery rates up to 99.5%. It doesn’t even need to be checked by spam filters, which makes it easier for you to do the work that matters: sending targeted messages to your most important contacts.

Currently the majority of email campaigns (90 percent) is treated as spam. Due to numerous complaints regarding bulk email, marketers run the risk of being treated as spam senders even though they send legitimate newsletters people are happy to receive. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about having your emails classified as junk. Newsletter2Go boasts high delivery rates that help you to deliver emails straight to the inbox. Learn how whitelisting and spam testing will help your business. If you’d like to discover more about email deliverability, check out this blog posts on spam filters and blacklists.

Integrate your Central Station CRM integration with the high-performance and professional email marketing software from Newsletter2Go today. We’re looking forward to working with you! Learn how our newsletter tool and newsletter software will help your sales grow.

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