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Create newsletter web version

Advantages of the automatic web version:

  • Independent from email clients
  • Reliable display
  • Responsive design for mobiles and tablets
  • Automatically generated
newsletter webversion

Create Newsletter Web Version Just in Case

It’s prudent to always account for potential display problems in newsletters. The best way to tackle this issue is to generate a newsletter web or browser version. If your readers happen to come across a display or loading problem, they open a web version and stay with you. Once you create a web version of your newsletter, it will look exactly like your email does, even if images are clipped or not displayed correctly in the email client. It’s important to be always ready for a fallback option, because many email clients don’t display images by default.

The good news is that you don’t need to create or program a web version. Our newsletter tool automatically generates it for every single newsletter, so that you could easily link it to the newsletter. With Newsletter2Go, it’s really easy to link the web version. Simply paste the generated link into your newsletter. You can insert it wherever you want to. When the recipient clicks this link, a page will open in the browser and your newsletter will appear. Make sure that your audience can always access to the web version.
Obviously, you can adjust the link text for the newsletter web version. Here’s a quick list of standard texts:

  • Display this email in your browser.
  • Is this email not displayed correctly? See the web version here.
  • Open this email if you’re experiencing problems displaying newsletter.

Not only can you create a web version of your newsletter with our software, but also we will host it for you free of charge. You can easily redirect the link to the web version. In that way, you can post this on your website or on social media channels such as Facebook. This allows you to spread your message across various email marketing channels to increase the reach. Moreover, you can also create a newsletter archive for your website. This archive will be automatically updated when you send a new newsletter.

If you personalize your newsletter, personalization elements will also be visible in the newsletter web version for every single recipient. Therefore, your recipients will be addressed personally in the browser and will get to see tailored content. Same as newsletters, the web version is responsive with Newsletter2Go and will be displayed correctly on every device.

Moreover, the web version’s performance is also included in the reports. Expect to learn as much about open rates, clicks and conversions as you’d learn from a standard newsletter. Our reporting tools are set to give you insights about your web version.

To make sure you always have a fallback option up your sleeve, every single email sent via Newsletter2Go also contains an automatically generated text version. This contains only text and newsletter links. It is a great solution for users with slow Internet connection.

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