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Certified Senders Alliance Whitelisting

Whitelisted Servers Arrive Directly in Inboxes:

  • Newsletter2Go CSA whitelisting for Yahoo and other clients
  • Your emails bypass spam filters and arrive in inboxes
  • Our delivery rates are over 99%
  • Legally compliant email marketing
Certified Senders Alliance

CSA Newsletter Whitelisting guarantees reliable delivery

Newsletter2Go is a certified partner of the Certified Senders Alliance. This means that emails sent using our newsletter software can be delivered to many international internet service providers (ISPs), such as Yahoo, GMX, AOL and many more, without being held up by spam filters. Your newsletters will be delivered reliably and we can offer you the highest delivery rates around.

This is important because otherwise your newsletters will be caught in spam filters and may not even reach the contact at all. With Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software, you need not concern yourself with this anymore.
Newsletter2Go stands for professional and powerful email marketing. Reliable dispatch is our priority, and therefore we are a certified partner of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). It is the go-to organization that deals with whitelisting.

Thanks to the Certified Senders Alliance whitelisting certification, Newsletter2Go is registered on a whitelist for commercial email senders who send bulk email with the recipient’s permission. Since we hold the certification, we offer marketers high delivery rates, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Without CSA newsletter whitelisting, bulk email would be marked as spam by spam filters. If you have already sent a newsletter using your own email address, you should have noticed that many of your campaigns never arrived. This is because sending newsletters to large recipient lists triggers spam filters. A newsletter that has once been flagged as spam will most likely never make it to the inbox.

With CSA newsletter whitelisting, you don’t need to worry about spam filters. Newsletter2Go guarantees reliable dispatch. Our servers that are used for email dispatch are considered trustworthy by Internet service providers.

It is unlikely that emails sent via our servers could be checked for spam. Therefore, you can be sure that your emails will be delivered directly to mailboxes. Certified Senders Alliance whitelisting ensures high delivery rates of more than 99%, which is more than twice as high as for manual newsletter delivery.

CSA Whitelisting works for all Newsletter2Go users, without any activation. We also offer ISIPP whitelisting for marketers who require particularly high delivery rates for international shipping. To be extra sure, you can also go for Return Path whitelisting, which ensures the widest coverage: more than 2.4 billion mailboxes worldwide. Newsletter2Go CSA Whitelisting extends to such clients as AOL, Vodafone, Yahoo and more.  You can send as many newsletters as you’d like to these email addresses and your messages won’t be filtered for spam.

One needs to go through a strict admission process to get a certification. Newsletter2Go is has obviously gone through this strict process as well. One of the entry criterion is being committed to legally compliant email marketing. For example, according to CSA rules, emails may only be sent to recipients who have given their consent to receive communications. The fact that all program participants comply to these strict rules means that the Certified Senders Alliance can ensure high delivery rates.

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