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Custom Sender Email Address

Set Up Custom Sender Address For Your Next Email Campaign:

  • Personal Greeting
  • No-reply addresses are possible
  • Can be applied individually to every newsletter

Custom Sender Email Address for Higher Open Rates

Choosing the right sender address will incentivize your readers to open an email campaign.  Your contacts want to know where did the email come from. If they don’t recognize the sender, they are likely to ignore it or even report spam, fearing a hacker who might have sent a phishing email. Therefore, creating an appropriate sender address is crucial for a successful email marketing campaign. Manage sender email address with Newsletter2Go.

Newsletters sent via Newsletter2Go are fully white-labelled. This means that you are in full control as to what information you want to include (for example reply and sender email). You are free to create a custom sender email address and use your own domain. This inspires confidence in your email list. Once you’ve personalized the newsletter sender and unified it with your other marketing activities, it will result in higher brand recognition. Kill two birds with one stone: thanks to a custom sender email address, not only will you create build stronger customer relationships, but you will also improve your delivery rates.

With Newsletter2Go, you don’t need to opt for a single sender address. Send newsletters with custom sender address to your heart’s content. You can adapt the from name with and the sender address with great flexibility to meet the requirements of any campaign and your target group. Set up custom sender address individually for every single campaign. Make sure you also take advantage of the design opportunities our newsletter tool offers, thanks to which you will always send the right newsletter to the right group of people.

Manage sender email address all you want. Having a face of the company helps in B2B situations as well as in customer relationship building. If the sender is a person, your recipients will be able to identify with the sender and build a personal relation. However, if you aim for very business-like communication, you should put the brand as a sender.

With Newsletter2Go, you do not have choose the best sender address at random or according to your gut feeling. Send newsletters with custom sender address with confidence. Thanks to multivariate A/B testing you will be able to find which name sits best with your subscribers. This option allows you to find the perfect sender for each target group and to get the best opening rates the same time.

If you want to, you don’t need to specify the sender address only, but also the reply address. It some cases, it is actually worthwhile to respond to the answers to cement customer relationships. No-reply addresses don’t inspire engagement, so why should a contact engage with you, then? The thought that a customer might ask you a question directly, resonates well with many.

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