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Daily Backups

Daily backups for secure email marketing:

  • Fully automated daily backups of your data
  • Maximum data security with minimal effort

Security with our newsletter software

‘Security’ and ‘newsletter software’ are two words that should go hand in hand. With Newsletter2Go, you can be sure that your data is in good hands thanks to daily backups that we have in place. To protect you from data loss, we have built more servers than we think we need. Daily backups of all information on our newsletter software guarantee you the highest level of data security and server availability.

You can be sure that your data will always be available to you. The daily backups comprise all of the data that you enter into the email marketing software. From your recipient data, to your newsletter design, to your sending statistics, you receive a complete data backup for free.

Daily backups and secure email marketing

Newsletter2Go makes full backups on a daily basis, just in case something happens. We have multiple layers of backup in place, just in case there’s a severe and catastrophic hardware failure. In that way, we can restore as much data as possible.

Our backup system is constantly evaluated. We take daily backups seriously and we like to keep an eye on how things are going. Moreover, we keen on adding additional layers of backup to make sure your data is in safe hands.

Email Marketing Data Protection Guaranteed

Our newsletter tool stores user’s information on our servers in Germany. Naturally, the data doesn’t leave Germany nor EU, which makes our email marketing software even more secure. In order to keep your data secure and to meet the highest security standards, we work in accordance with the European Directive 95/46 and German data protection guidelines (BDSG).

Our newsletter provider demands the highest email marketing data protection and therefore it’s perfectly in line with the European and German Data Protection law. It is out of the question that we would ever pass on your data or sell it for our own purposes. The 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that your data is transferred safely to and from our servers. While different providers outside the European Union have different standards, we comply with strict privacy rules. Using Newsletter2Go, you are certain that you are on the right side of law and that you are sending out emails that are in line with European data protection standards. That, combined with daily backups, is your best bet.

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