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Double Opt-in Email Sign-Up Form

The email sign-up form at a glance:

  • Part of the legally compliant double opt-in method
  • Fully customizable HTML sign-up forms
  • Integrate it into your website or as a pop-up
  • Generate leads and gather addresses
  • Easy to build and customize in our editor tool
Free Newsletter Registration Form

Avoid the spam folder with an email sign-up form

Almost 90 percent of all email is considered spam. There’s a high chance that even marketers sending out legitimate email might also have their emails land in the spam folder. You don’t want this to happen to you.

Before sending out an email marketing campaign, campaign managers should make sure that it will reach people who gave explicit consent to receive email communication from the company.

It might be tempting to email people who could be interested in certain services, but haven’t agreed to be emailed. However, without their permission, this is a no-go. To avoid being classed as a spammer, use our newsletter subscribe form generator and take advantage of whitelisting.

Read how to avoid spam filters and blacklists and feel free to use our free spam test.

What is a double opt-in?

An opt-in means a closed-loop email authentication where one party demonstrates control of an email address to another, as a form of identity verification.

With the newsletter sign-up form in place, you will only email people who are really interested in your products or services. This should have a positive effect on your conversion rates.

Keep your email list clean with a newsletter sign-up form

Use a newsletter registration form to keep your email list clean. In order to make a double opt-in look attractive, you can choose to get a personalized newsletter sign-up form that will convince people to opt in.

Legally compliant email sign-up forms for ecommerce, websites and blogs

Our newsletter software includes a powerful form generator. Create a sign-up form that you can integrate easily into your website, or deploy as a pop-up. You can choose which fields to include, collecting as much or as little data as you’d like.

This enables you to build up your contact list quickly, easily, sustainably and, most importantly, legally. This is a particularly important tool for generating leads and ultimately increasing sales and growing your business.

Every contact who subscribes for your newsletter via your form automatically receives a double opt-in email. This contains a confirmation link which they need to click on in order to verify their email address. Only then are they subscribed to your newsletter.

This helps to ensure that nothing is sent to incorrect or unsubscribed email addresses. Finally, the recipient is automatically added to your Newsletter2Go address book and will be included in the next newsletter dispatch.

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