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Dynamic Newsletter Archive

Newsletter archive will help your marketing efforts:

  • Archive of your newsletters is generated automatically
  • Updates automatically – never lose a newsletter again
  • Integrate the archive with your website
  • Easy to personalize the archive with CSS
dynamic newsletter archive

Create an Automated Newsletter Archive

When you send email campaigns with us, our newsletter tool automatically creates a web-browser version of your campaign, which is also archived. The campaign archive is accessible free of charge that displays links to your email marketing campaigns.

The dynamic newsletter archive always comes in handy – you might want to share high-quality newsletter content with people who aren’t your subscribers yet, but could turn into loyal readers. This feature allows you to share either the full archive or a particular campaign you’re especially proud of. People will be able to see your campaign in their web browsers and or share it on social media profiles afterwards.

When you find the archived campaign in the newsletter archive, copy its URL from the browser’s address bar and now then you can share it.

Create an Automated Newsletter Archive

Our dynamic newsletter archive presents your sent newsletters in one easy-to-view list, which can be built into your website. Once activated, you can include the entire content of the latest newsletter, of selected newsletters or of all newsletters on your website.

Save yourself bags of time by using our automated and self-updating newsletter archive. You’ll never have to compile your newsletter archive manually again. Our newsletter software does it for you – automatically.

How does the dynamic newsletter archive work

Just activate the newsletter archive. Once you have done so, you can select all of your previously sent newsletters so that they appear in your personal archive.

Alternatively, you can select specific newsletters to be displayed in the dynamic newsletter archive. Moreover, you can set up the archive so that all future newsletters are added to the archive automatically.

It only takes a few clicks to set up the newsletter archive. You can then incorporate the script for the archive into your website. All the information you need can be found in your account under ‘Settings’.

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