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econda Integration for Email Marketing

Connect our email marketing software with econda:

  • Install and set up the integration in no time, without the hassle
  • Analyse customer actions and interests with ease
  • Optimate your email campaigns to their maximum potential
  • Take advantage of revenue tracking
econda integration

Integrate email campaigns and web analytics

Econda offers a variety of web-analytics products. They offer web-analytics solutions for virtually every business model. It doesn’t matter whether you are an online shop owner or whether you run an agency. Econda offers complex portals and affiliate networks. Therefore, econda integration and email marketing will make for a powerful mixture.

Newsletter2Go econda integration for campaign’s success

If you use econda, you can easily integrate email campaigns and web analytics. Thanks to Newsletter2Go’s simple econda integration you can follow your newsletter campaign straight after sending. Activate econda newsletter tracking without the hassle and benefit from the econda integration and email marketing. The integration setup is extremely simple and only requires one click.
Thanks to the Newsletter2Go econda integration you can learn more about your customers’ interests. Make sure you track the newsletter open- and click rate so that you can find out which areas of content yield the most turnover. Thanks to the integration you can easily spot areas of opportunity, which will help you improve your future email marketing campaigns and improve sales.

This means that you can optimize your email marketing campaign and increase your own KPIs thanks to the mixture of econda integration and email marketing. Furthermore, all relevant data is displayed on your econda dashboard. The econda integration with our newsletter software empowers you to collect, manage and leverage data to supercharge your next marketing campaign. If you want to increase your campaigns’ success, you should integrate our newsletter tool with econda.

Once you have connected email marketing software with econda, you might want to take advantage of other tracking opportunities to make the most of your email marketing efforts. Newsletter2Go offers a number of powerful newsletter tracking tools. If you’d like to, you can track your email campaign in real time, as well as adjust it on the go. Every newsletter that was sent out, comes with detailed reports. There, you can have a look at the most important KPIs, like open rates and click rates. This makes it easy to track newsletters and watch your success in real time. Check out this page if you’d like to learn more about our tracking tools. To make your campaigns even more powerful, you can also add a Google Analytics integration.

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