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Email Marketing Extras with Newsletter2Go

email marketing extras

1,000 Emails Every Month

Free Software

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. With our Lite Plan, you’ll receive 1,000 free emails every month, no questions asked. This is in addition to any email packages that you might buy. Consider this our present to you, and a small thank you for remaining loyal and friendly customers. Learn more about our email marketing software.

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Email Marketing Extra: Non-Branded Newsletters

Unlike some of the other guys, all of our emails are completely non-branded. None of our logos, nothing giving away the fact that you might just be testing out our service. And if you’re a small organization or blog that sends less than 1,000 emails every month, we’ve got great news: it looks like you’ll be able to use Newsletter2Go absolutely for free. Completely non-branded.

Premium Email Marketing Extras: Custom Designs

Custom Registration and Unsubscribe Sites:

We can design custom signup and unsubscribe sites for your company. The sites will incorporate your logos and corporate branding, and can positively influence brand recognition amongst newsletter subscribers. Even those who consider opting out from your newsletter might be positively influenced by user-friendly unsubscribe sites.

Personalized Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

Premium Newsletter Template Design

One of our most popular premium features is our custom newsletter templates. Our team of designers will work with you to design the perfect email template. Make the newsletter look exactly like your corporate website, or create an entirely new and exciting design. Custom-made newsletter templates are an excellent way to increase readership.

Premium Feature: 1-Click Product Transfer

Newsletter2Go 1-click product transfer empowers e-commerce businesses: we create a custom newsletter template that links directly to your e-commerce platform. Import product images, information and prices directly into your newsletter with just one click. You save time, and drive revenue and ROI from your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Extras: Agency Solution and White Labelling

Agency Solution

Use our agency solution to manage and optimize your clients’ email campaigns. Distribute email credits across accounts, act as the administrator, or manage your clients’ accounts individually. Every client account receives 1,000 credits per month automatically. You can either leave these credits within the account, or distribute them as you see fit.

digital marketing agency solution

Newsletter2Go as White-Label Solution

Use the Newsletter2Go white-label solution as a service solution for your clients. This premium feature includes agency’s logos and branding, as well as a custom domain, offer the perfect email marketing experience for your clients. Perfect for agencies who wish to offer their customers professional email marketing software. Read more about agency solutions here.

User Permissions for Sub-Users

Create and manage the rights of sub-users in your account. This could be great if you have analysts who can view reports but not send newsletters, or interns who can create newsletters but not send them. Each user can be created, customized, and assigned different rights. It’s also possible to create and edit newsletters in teams.


Client Testing with 36 different ESPs

All our newsletter templates are tested for the correct presentation in dozens of email programs, including Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. If you would like to use your own template, you can use our inbox test to test for optimal presentation quickly and securely. Our email service provider test ensures that your emails will display properly no matter which ESP your subscribers are using.

email client testing

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