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Import Recipients with 1 Click

Take advantage of the easiest contact import:

  • Automatic import with just one click
  • Automatic duplicate control
  • Data formats include: .xls, .xlsx, .csv or .ods
  • Recipient list import with just one click
1 Click Contact Import

Seamless Recipient List Import with 1 Click

A good sales newsletter should offer you more than lead generation. It will save you time so that you won’t need to do arduous tasks anymore. This is exactly what we’ve done with the 1 click recipient import feature. Our newsletter software makes importing contacts very easy and simple. Import as an excel (.xls and .xlsx), CSV or Open Office (.ods) data file with just one click. If you do not want to import your recipients from a file, you can also enter them manually. However, the list import saves a lot of time and effort. In addition, the error rate is significantly lower.

With our feature, you can import recipients from your e-commerce or CRM/CMS system. You can also import from various e-mail clients or from your own address list. There’s no limit on the recipient subscriber groups, recipient traits number or address book size.

Then import recipients into your address book or to a group of your choice. Feel free to use an existing group for that purpose or create a new one. Duplicates and invalid email addresses are automatically taken care of during the list import. Existing groups and fields from other systems will be adopted. Moreover, your current recipient data might be updated, if needed. Consequently, no recipient will receive the same newsletter twice. Users who have decided to opt out will never be re-registered during the next import. Newsletter2Go has got your back and ensures you stay on the right side of law.

You can also import contact lists directly onto a blacklist, also known as the Robinson List. Recipients on this list are automatically excluded from receiving emails. This comes in handy if you have a list of recipients who were increasingly sending spam complaints in the past or who have already unsubscribed in another system. If you import your recipients onto a blacklist, they will never be able to register for your newsletter.

Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software makes it easy to import contacts onto our platform. Once imported, you’re free to start sending professional marketing newsletters!

If you want to save more of your precious time, go for other 1 click import options. Learn more about 1 click content transfer and 1 click product transfer. With 1 click content transfer you can paste your site’s content into your email campaign simply by specifying the post ID or entity ID. The latter option takes care of copying your entire product to the newsletter. Learn more about our newsletter tool and the benefits of email marketing.

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