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JTL Shop Newsletter Integration

Raise your revenue with the JTL Shop3 newsletter software integration:

  • 1-click product transfer
  • Automatic contact synchronisation (Standard Plan & up)
  • A/B tests with up to 9 variants (Standard Plan & up) 
  • Live reporting and conversion tracking
  • Certified JTL Shop partner
JTL Integration

Work faster with the JTL-Shop3 Email Marketing integration

JTL shop3 email marketing integration for successful marketing

With the JTL Shop newsletter integration, you can save a lot of time and effort. Send professional emails to your JTL customers with Newsletter2Go. You will be able to install the JTL Shop newsletter plugin it in no time. Your existing JTL Shop3 contacts will be fully synchronised with Newsletter2Go, should you wish so. Contact synchronisation takes place on a daily basis, therefore your contact list will always remain up-to-date. Moreover, you can easily transfer product information from the JTL Shop3 directly into your newsletter. Forget about manual copying or matching receivers with products. Harness the power of email automation to automate customer relationship building.
The best part is that the JTL Shop3 integration is free of charge, as well as the entire Newsletter2Go software.

Contact synchronisation with JTL Shop 3 newsletter integration

The Newsletter2Go JTL Shop integration synchronises shop contact data directly with Newsletter2Go. That allows you to send newsletters to your shop customers without the need to import contact data manually. Every day the list is updated with new customers, bounces and unsubscriptions.

During synchronization, JTL Shop3 groups and contact traits are also transferred. Therefore, you can utilize this data to personalise your newsletters and segment your email list. Personal and specially tailored newsletters might translate into higher revenue.

1-click product transfer with JTL shop newsletter integration

If you’d like to save time, you can use a special newsletter block, which allows for product transfer directly into your newsletter. All you need to do is to insert the block in the newsletter. Just enter the product ID, and the JTL shop email marketing integration will automatically transfer desired product information, be it picture, price, description or links. That allows you to create professional newsletters with detailed product specification in no time. If you’d like to use the 1-click product transfer feature, you need to get a premium template by Newsletter2Go.

Note back: This is particularly useful for online retailers: Not only can you send newsletters, but also you can measure your marketing accomplishments.

Important data such as open, and click-through rates is analyzed after each newsletter shipment. With conversion tracking, you can also calculate your ROI and see at a glance how much revenue have you generated with the Newsletter2Go JTL shop integration Thanks to A/B tests, which allow you to test up 9 variants, you can effectively optimize your newsletter. Test three subject, sender and content variants per newsletter. Best performing variants will be automatically sent out to your contact list.

Note: The contact synchronisation with your system is free. To use 1-click product transfer, you need a one-time premium newsletter template. We are more than happy to create a customised premium template for you. If you want to use the 1-click product transfer feature with your JTL Shop3, give us a heads-up when placing your order.

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