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Lifecycle Newsletter Campaigns

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Increase customer lifetime value with lifecycle campaigns:

  • Simple to set up and implement
  • Lead your customers through your sales funnel
  • Drive revenue and one-time customers into repeat purchasers
lifecycle campaign

It’s Easy to Create Professional Lifecycle Newsletter Campaigns

Create professional lifecycle campaigns for every single customer with our newsletter software. All you need to do is to set up campaign once and your lifecycle newsletter campaigns will be automatically sent daily to the right recipients, who fulfill the conditions you have introduced earlier on. Setting up a lifecycle email campaign saves you a lot of time and effort, while your professional lifecycle campaign will be run by the software, with hardly any input on your part.
Lifecycle newsletter emails are sent out after a customer has achieved a milestone in their journey. They almost guarantee many opens as they are very relevant to the current situation the customer is in. Compared to a regular newsletter, a lifecycle email campaign performs better. The open and click rate can increase by more than 50%.

Here you will find examples of lifecycle newsletter campaigns:

  • Activation email sent 5 days after user‘s registration
  • Upsell email sent 14 days after a purchase has been made
  • Birthday email with a voucher
  • Reactivation email sent 6 months after the last purchase

The overall goal of lifecycle newsletter campaigns is to turn clients into lifetime customers. Lifecycle email marketing helps to create a lively interaction with your clientele. Note back: lifecycle emails need to be set up only once. Once you’re done with it, emails will be sent automatically. Should newsletters be sent out every week, month, quarter? It’s your call. All contact traits and groups are available in the email list. If you’d like to contact a specific group, you can choose it from the list and send emails only to customers who, let’s say, haven’t bought anything in 6 months.

Thanks to personalization opportunities, you can send lifecycle emails to specific recipient groups. Whether you’d like to inform prospective buyers, inactive subscribers, new customers, existing customers or inactive ones – every recipient receives the right email at the right time. Lifecycle campaigns are very successful – after all, they offer tailored content to the right groups and address subscribers at the right time – relevant emails always enjoy a higher open rate.

Lifecycle email marketing is indispensable especially in ecommerce. It helps increase customer loyalty and helps increase sales. What is also important, lifecycle newsletter campaigns can help you measure conversion tracking.

Lifecycle email marketing with Newsletter2Go gives you free reigns over design. Thanks to our intuitive editor, you design your own emails, add your own text, images, links and insert personalization blocks. You can adapt the entire email – from the subject to the sender name. That means, that you can create suitable emails for every occasion. It is important that your emails come across as personally written. Lifecycle campaigns can be designed to look this way thanks to personalized design blocks.

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