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Newsletter Click Map

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Vital Email Marketing Statistics at a Glance:

  • See exactly which links and content are being clicked
  • Indicates interesting topics
  • Overview of all clicks in your newsletter

Newsletter Click Maps Display Clicks Visually

For all of your email campaigns, our software generates email marketing statistics that tell you exactly how successful your campaign has been. One of the most useful features is the email heat map, which displays an image of your newsletter that shows exactly where your contacts have clicked.

The click map (also called a heat map) gives you an instant visual analysis of your newsletter and shows you which links, calls-to action, or other were the most successful. With the help of a color scale from green (many clicks), to red (few clicks), the heat map analysis helps you identify potential areas for improvement with a mere glance and understand your customers better.

Heat maps can be used in conjunction with other analytical tools, for example multivariate clustering. This makes it possible to compare your email’s performance between target groups: for example, men vs. women. By analyzing this information and incorporating it into your next newsletter, you’re more likely to send relevant, useful emails that people will love.

The newsletter click map analysis of your newsletter campaign, along with all of the other email marketing statistics, is free to use, for both free and paid accounts. It offers you a fantastic tool for learning about the requirements of your target groups. We’d love for you to try this feature out – with no obligation.

A selection of other vital email tracking statistics:

Delivery Rates: The percentage of emails that you send that arrive in your contacts’ inboxes. For professional email marketing software, this should be as close to 100% as possible. With Newsletter2Go, delivery rates can be as high as 99.5% and above.

Open Rates: See at a glance how many people are opening your newsletters. This gives you a good idea of the strength of your subject line, and the relationship your brand already has with your contacts.

Click Rates: How many contacts clicked on a link within your newsletter. This is to be used in connection with the click map, and is indicative of which content performed best.

Conversions: All of our users are able to manually set up conversion goals, meaning that you can track the number of people who made a purchase directly after clicking on a link in your email. This enables you to calculate a precise ROI.

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