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Newsletter Conversion Tracking

Available with STANDARD and PRO Plans

Track email conversions successfully:

  • Track purchases or registrations
  • Create your own tracking goals
  • Important metric for e-commerce
  • Easy to measure your success
  • Newsletter conversion tacking tool for success
conversion tracking

Email campaign conversion tracking

Thanks to Newsletter2Go email marketing software, you can easily track all important figures such as email opens, click and unsubscribe rate. Moreover, you can also learn how newsletter dispatch impacted your sales. When you use newsletter conversion tracking, you see how many conversions it generated as well as conversion value. This feature comes especially handy for ecommerce owners because it helps to measure the ROI.

The good thing about the feature is that you can define the conversion goals yourself in the newsletter conversion tracking tool. It’s entirely up to you what constitutes a successful conversion. Below you will find some examples of conversion triggers:

  • Purchase agreement in your online shop
  • Website registration
  • Document download (e.g. whitepaper)

Setting up the newsletter conversion tracking feature is a piece of cake and it only takes a few minutes. Newsletter2Go will provide you with a Javascript file, which you can then embed on a desired landing page. Alternatively, you can use a Google Tag Manager solution. Activate the newsletter conversion tracking feature with one click in step number five – email creation.

You’ll probably be also eager to how successful was your newsletter in conversion creation. Therefore, Newsletter2Go enables you to see email campaign conversion tracking results after each email campaign shipment. These figures are broken down for you in the newsletter reports.

Not only will you know how many conversions your newsletter has led to, but also you will learn about the conversion value. It will help you understand how many sales has your newsletter has generated and how high is your ROI. Moreover, you can find out which products or links proved to be particularly popular in the newsletter and which led to conversions. With the Newsletter2Go conversion tracking tool there will be no uncertainty regarding this subject.

In order for Newsletter2Go to track conversions, the recipient is forwarded to a tracking page for a fraction of a second. Upon request, you can use your own domain for conversion tracking. In that way Newsletter2Go won’t be recognizable as a software provider. You can easily set up your own tracking domain in your email settings under the “tracking” tab. For more accurate email campaign conversion tracking, you can use Google Analytics or econda.

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