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With Newsletter2Go’s user-friendly editor, creating professional email newsletters has never been easier. Take one of our pre-made templates or start from scratch. The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to organize your content and experiment with different layouts. Create beautiful, responsive newsletters – no programming knowledge required!

Within the editor, you can customize every single element of your newsletter – from subject line and preview text to sender name and address. Our tool is also packed with loads of advanced features: opt for dedicated IPs to improve delivery rates, or set up your own custom tracking domain. Whatever you envision for your email newsletter, our software will help you bring it to life.

Newsletter creator with drag-and-drop functionality

Simple design block system

Our editor tool works according to design blocks. Each element of your email is represented by a block – be it a headline, an image or a paragraph of text. Work on each element individually and then move them around as you please using the drag-and-drop function. However you choose to organize your content, your newsletters will remain responsive.

Special feature: 1-Click product transfer

With 1-click product transfer, you can quickly import products from your online shop directly into your newsletter. This feature is available with a premium template, which will include a special product block. When creating your newsletter, simply enter the product ID into this block and all information pertaining to the product will be transferred to your newsletter – including image, price and any price reductions. Entice your customers with special offers and show them what’s new in your online store – all in a matter of clicks.

drag & drop newsletter editor

Responsive design templates

30+ ready-to-send templates

You don’t need to be a design expert to create beautiful emails. We’ve got dozens of templates to get you started. Simply write over the placeholder text with your own content and insert any images you wish to include. Of course, you can also rearrange the layout by drag-and-drop. We can also create a custom template in your corporate design – find out more below.

Premium Newsletter Templates

Special feature: Premium templates

Get a responsive email template in your corporate design. Just tell us what you want and we will program a custom-built template exactly to your specifications. All of our premium templates come with 1-click product transfer as well as 1-click content transfer – for seamless crossover with your shop or blog. Ensure consistent branding and help your customers to recognize your newsletter: check out our price plans here.

Flawless display on any device

All of our newsletter templates are responsive, so your emails look great on any device. When creating a newsletter, you can use the editor tool to preview how it will appear on both desktop and mobile. We have also tested our templates in dozens of email clients to ensure optimal display at all times. Whether your subscribers use smartphone, desktop or tablet, you can be sure that your emails look sleek and professional.

Automatic web and text versions

Automatic web version

Both a web and a text version are automatically created for every newsletter you design. If your email cannot be displayed properly in a particular web client, the web version serves as a reliable fallback. It simply means that the recipient can still read your email, even if images and HTML are unable to load. The web version is also ideal for use on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Embed images

It is also possible to embed images of up to 50KB in your email. These are coded as text, and come with the advantage that the image is displayed without the user having to download it. However, this can increase the risk of your email being marked as spam.

Image hosting

With Newsletter2Go, you also get image hosting. Our various plans give you different sizes of storage space (50 MB with Lite; 1 GB with Standard; unlimited with Pro). Upload your images to your Newsletter2Go media library from your computer, and then insert them into your email.

Work as a team

Efficient teamwork

Work on your email marketing campaigns as a team. With Newsletter2Go, you can add multiple users to one account and assign different roles. The team comment feature makes it easy to share feedback and streamline the entire email marketing process. Collaborate efficiently with your team and see what you can achieve with our powerful email software.

automatic web version

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