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Newsletter Editor

Professional email marketing with the easy to use newsletter editor:

  • Easy to use editor with drag & drop capability
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Over 50 design templates
  • Unlimited image hosting
  • Automatically personalized content
drag & drop newsletter editor

Design and Edit Beautiful Newsletters with the Drag & Drop Editor

Use the newsletter software’s editor to create professional, beautiful newsletters’ in just a few minutes. Use the drag & drop editor, with no HTML knowledge necessary. Creating personalized is easy, because all you have to do is insert content and image blocks, and edit to your heart’s content. You can insert personalization into the blocks, including special content, images, or photos. The best part? It’s a free newsletter editor.

Edit text, switch out images, set up links and format text exactly like you want. You can adjust font color, size, and type. Our editor automatically generates valid HTML source code, meaning that you can concentrate on designing the newsletters and not having to learn HTML with our newsletter editor.

Would you prefer to send newsletters using a customized premium newsletter template, using your corporate design and branding? We are happy to design and program a custom built newsletter template exactly to your specifications. More information, examples, and prices can be found on this page.

1 Click Product Transfer

Edit newsletters in no time. Copy the entire product to your newsletter simply by entering the product number. This will automatically transfer the product name, description, image, price and link to the product. This will save you the arduous task of copying over individual elements and reformatting everything.

Learn more about 1 click product transfer.

Collaborative Newsletter Creation

With our teamwork function you can work on newsletters in a team. Achieve 50% more workflow efficiency with this function and edit newsletters in a blink of an eye.

What else could you want from a newsletter editor?

1 Click Content Transfer

Transfer your site’s content into your newsletter simply by specifying the Post ID or Entity ID. Title, author, date, pictures and other attributes are then automatically synchronized.

Save time and effort with the 1 click content transfer: No more copying and pasting individual pieces of content, customizing or formatting images.

Design Blocks

Relevance is one of the biggest success factors in email marketing. The more closely you speak to your customers’ needs, interests, and desires, the more likely that your next email marketing campaign will be a success.

Take advantage of Newsletter2Go’s design blocks that allow you to send custom, individual, and completely personalized emails.

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