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Google Analytics Integration

Newsletter2Go Google Analytics Integration at a glance:

  • Easy to integrate
  • All of Google’s analytical tools at your disposal
  • Track your revenue
  • Get better analytics
Google Analytics

Measure Your Newsletter’s Performance with Google Analytics Integration

Do you want to track campaign ROI or cost, ecommerce conversion rate, revenue created or average time on site? If the answer is positive, you are in the right place. Use the Google analytics integration for better email marketing. With our email marketing software, tracking is a piece of cake.

If you have a Google Analytics account, make sure you add Google Analytics tracking to your Newsletter2Go email campaigns to integrate Google data with your Newsletter2Go reports. Once you’ve set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics, you will be able to track subscribers from clicks to purchases on your website. Connecting Newsletter2Go with Google Analytics will improve newsletter tracking in no time. With Newsletter2Go’s Google Analytics integration you can turn on Google Analytics tracking for your newsletter with just one click.

This enables information about the source, medium and campaign name to be attached to every link in your newsletter, which can then be analyzed by the Google Analytics integration. It will help you to evaluate the performance of your email marketing campaign and to compare it with your other marketing channels. It’s a powerful new functionality for the newsletter software. In this way you benefit from direct integration to your Google Analytics account, as well as from the comprehensive evaluation options offered by Newsletter2Go.

What you need to know is that the Google Analytics Integration doesn’t track redirects that don’t contain embedded Google Analytics code (think shortened EepUrl links). If you’d like to ensure you get proper tracking, use direct links to pages with an embedded Google Analytics code.

If you’d like to get better email marketing results, check out these online courses offered by Google. They are very user-friendly and will come in handy when you later use Google analytics integration for better email marketing. If you’d like to learn how to set up Google Analytics tracking manually, go to Google’s help pages regarding URL building and link tagging.

Check out this video to learn more about newsletter reports:

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