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Newsletter REST API

Take advantage of the high-performance Newsletter2Go REST API:

  • Access to many functions and features
  • Simple and thoroughly documented
  • Simple to implement
  • Generate an API key with just one click
Newsletter2Go API

Connect your system with Newsletter2Go using the newsletter REST API

Integrate essential features offered by the Newsletter2Go email marketing software with your software using our API. Our programming language-independent REST API allows you to use various newsletter features directly from your system. For example, you can take advantage of our reliable newsletter dispatch system, flexible recipient management as well as detailed reports thanks to the newsletter API. In addition, you can create behavior-based transaction emails that are sent automatically, for example welcome emails. This allows you to practically automate customer relationships. Messages sent via the Newsletter2Go REST API are immediately sent as soon as all sending criteria are met.

The newsletter REST API is thoroughly documented. It is constantly expanded and updated for your benefit, because we want to make sure you always use the latest API version. Feel free to use our API example implementations to speed up the integration process with the Newsletter2Go REST API. These examples are available in many different programming languages ​​that you can download here. Take advantage of integrations in PHP, Java, Python or other languages.

he newsletter REST API comes in handy if you want to connect a newsletter software to an existing system. Moreover, you can also integrate web services.

Examples of API use:

  • Create new address books to manage different contact lists independently of each other
  • Import new contact data or remove existing recipients
  • Create new subscriber groups and assign contacts to specific groups
  • Retrieve newsletter reports
  • Create basic HTML newsletters
  • Send newsletters and automated emails directly from your system

How to use the newsletter API:

The newsletter REST API setup is very fast and straightforward. Generate a free API key with one click in your Newsletter2Go account. All API calls can be viewed in our REST API documentation. Here, you will find many examples of use, for example newsletter creation. Example implementations show you how the API setup works with different programming languages.

If you have any questions our support team will be happy to help.

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