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Email Software Features

Newsletter2Go has everything you need to design and send effective email campaigns.
Explore the many features our email marketing software has to offer. You’ll be inspired, trust us!

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Create email campaigns

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Responsive design templates
  • Customized personalizations

With our intuitive newsletter editor tool, you can create professional emails in minutes. Insert your own content, add images and rearrange the layout as you please. Choose from dozens of pre-made templates or use your own HTML file. Want to align your emails with your corporate branding? Get us to create a fully customized template from scratch.

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Send email campaigns

  • 1,000 free email credits every month with our Lite Plan
  • Whitelisted servers
  • Email marketing automation

Our servers are whitelisted by the Certified Senders Alliance – which means good news for your delivery rates. We keep your emails out of the spam folder and make sure they reach your contacts promptly and securely. Looking to save time but still get results? Set up automated campaigns to go out at crucial points in the consumer journey. Perfect your newsletters by sending test emails, and keep costs down with 1,000 free email credits every month (Lite Plan).
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Track email campaigns

  • Detailed real-time reporting
  • Visual clickmaps and geotracking
  • Multivariate clustering

Measure your email performance with our smart tracking features. We generate a detailed report for every campaign you send, so you know exactly which areas to optimize. From open, click and bounce rates to geotracking and click maps, right up to multivariate clustering – never miss a crucial KPI. Export your reports or view them in the software, and use real-time stats to drive results.

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newsletter software features

Contact management & integrations

  • Registration form generator
  • Auto-sync via integration
  • Contact segmentation

Import your contacts in just one click from an Excel, OpenOffice or CSV file. Assign as many different attributes as you like – such as gender or date of birth – and segment your audience into more specific target groups. This way, you can tailor your message for maximum impact. Our software automatically takes care of bounces and unsubscribes, so your list is always up to date.
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