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Send Test Newsletters for Free

Send Test Newsletters to Avoid Mistakes

  • Test newsletters available free of charge
  • Send your draft to up to 10 email addresses
  • Get accurate feedback
  • Check your email for spelling and punctuation, personalization & image display
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Send a Test Newsletter to Your Inbox

Forget about unpleasant surprises after you’ve sent a newsletter. Send a test newsletter with Newsletter2Go and check for spelling mistakes, display issues, missing links and personalization. Send a test newsletter to up to 10 email addressed completely free of charge. Obviously, you can freely define which email addresses will act as test users and when should they get your draft.

After you’ve drafted your newsletter, you will get to see what it will look like in our intuitive drag & drop editor. It will show you how your email will display on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. However, it is still prudent to send test newsletters to be sure what it will really look like. The test email campaign you receive will look exactly like the final newsletter version your contacts will see.

If you’d like to test the newsletter from start to finish, you need to introduce test values into the placeholder area. Obviously, all the links you inserted in the newsletter will be clickable and fully functional. The test newsletter is also responsive, so you can check it on various devices. Moreover, you would be able to test the web version and the unsubscribe page as you will have access to test websites.

What is more, our teamwork feature enables you to test the email campaign and work on it in a team. You can leave comments and rate the draft version. This feature is crucial if you’d like to cut on meetings and have a more efficient workflow.

Test Your Newsletter Even Further

Spam Test

Your newsletter might be marked as spam if it contains certain spam indicators. If your email lands in spam, it won’t count as delivered. If you’d like to improve your delivery rate, go for our spam test.

With our spam test, your test newsletter is checked for more than 1,000 different spam criteria that used by the email providers to identify spam. After you’ve taken the spam test, you will get a detailed report on what worked and what didn’t. In addition, you will be given a set of recommendations as to how to resolve potential problems and improve the spam score. The lower the spam score, the better delivery rates will you get.

Test Links

One thing that you need to keep in mind when you want to test the newsletter is link testing. Luckily, you can do it with Newsletter2Go. The test will show you where the broken links are and it will check for outbound links, image links and anchors.

Client Testing

Each device and browser and every email provider displays newsletters slightly differently. Therefore, it is prudent to send a test newsletter to see what will your newsletter look like in more than 30 different email clients.

Client testing allows you to check both mobile and desktop clients. Switch between the horizontal and vertical format. You can also choose to display the newsletter with or without images if you’d like to check out alt texts.

This is a premium feature, that can be purchased for a low monthly fee.

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