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Time-Based Newsletter Analysis

Compare email campaigns over time:

  • Time-based email comparison for campaigns’ success
  • Measure the success of your email campaign
  • Performed and tracked automatically
  • Comparative newsletter report
time-based analysis

Time-Based Newsletter Analysis for More Accurate Comparisons

If you are a number-oriented marketer, you will love this tool. Time-based email comparison is a form of evaluation which measures open rates and click rates at established intervals – every 10, 30 or 60 minutes – straight after the dispatch. This makes the results easy to analysis, and the results of different email campaigns easy to compare against one another.

Time-based newsletter analysis will help you determine the optimal time to send newsletters. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer as to when should you send your campaigns so that you can enjoy a higher open rate. It all depends on your audience, industry as well as content type.

According to numerous data the most optimal time to send to most subscribers, in general, is on a weekday. Therefore, you might want to skip weekend dispatch, depending on the industry you’re in. These and other statistics might help you at the beginning of your journey as a marketer, however if you compare email campaigns over time, you will be in the know and will always send your newsletter at the right time.

Comparative newsletter reports can help you learn why certain content and topics are more interesting and impactful than others, and how you can improve the overall quality of your email marketing activity.

The email marketing and newsletter software from Newsletter2Go provides you the data to supercharge your business.

Time based newsletter analysis & other tracking tools

Once you’ve got used to the time based email comparison, why not take advantage of other tracking tools? If you’d like to optimize your email marketing campaigns, you should get acquainted with advanced reporting offered by Newsletter2Go. Our email marketing software comes with various high-performance newsletter tracking tools. Once you send out a newsletter campaign, you will get a detailed report so that you can analyze campaign results. There, you will see the most important KPIs at a glance, for example open rates and click rates. Check out this page if you’d like to learn more about our tracking tools. To make your campaigns even more powerful, you can also add a Google Analytics integration.

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