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Custom Newsletter Tracking Domain

Set up your own custom tracking domain to track clicks within your emails:

  • Easy to set up
  • 100% control over the domain
  • Build and manage your own sender reputation

Tracking links within your emails

When it comes to measuring email performance, links are one of the most important elements. Link tracking makes it possible to calculate the click-through rate – or CTR – of each email, providing valuable insight into which links were most relevant. This information can be seen in your Newsletter2Go campaign reports.

So how does link tracking actually work? We are able to gather these stats by creating tracking links for every link included in your email newsletter.

These tracking links are located on a so-called tracking domain; whenever someone clicks on a link, they are briefly redirected to a neutral Newsletter2Go page before being forwarded to the actual link destination (your homepage, for example). This all happens within a matter of milliseconds – so the user is not aware that the “detour” took place. However, this enables us to register that a click has occurred, which in turn makes it possible to generate meaningful statistics.

Manage your sender reputation with a custom tracking domain

Our email marketing software comes with a default tracking domain. As an alternative, however, you can also set up your own custom tracking domain. Essentially, this white-labels your links so they contain no mention of Newsletter2Go. Rather, they refer only to your company or brand name. Likewise, the redirect occurs via your own domain – so there are no unfamiliar links in your emails.

There are several advantages to using a custom tracking domain. First and foremost, you have total control over your reputation as a sender. Using your own domain means that you are not sharing it with any other users – so the reputation of that domain depends purely on you.

At the same time, white-labeling your links can help to assure the recipient that the email is coming from you – rather than an unknown sender. Together with a custom sender address, this helps to build consumer trust and may also boost your click rates. Of course, your links will still be tracked and included in your campaign reports as normal.

The more professional and trustworthy your emails appear, the better your audience will respond. Learn more about email tracking and how it works in this blog post.

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