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newsletter tracking

Our software offers a number of powerful newsletter tracking tools. You can track your email campaign in real time, and make changes on the go. All of our reports are generated and tracked in real time, and can be segmented into whichever time period you’d like. The most important KPIs, like open rates and click rates, are automatically generated for every newsletter. This makes it easy to track newsletters and watch your success in real time.

Track your email marketing campaign with ease. In addition to the basic reports, the newsletter tracking tools offer a number of sophisticated analytical tools that provide you key insights into your email campaign’s performance. You can compare the performance of your newsletter between different target groups, see exactly where subscribers have clicked within the email, and see on a map the physical location of your newsletter contacts.

Real Time Newsletter Tracking Tools

Measure Open and Click Rates

The software features a number of newsletter tracking options. Use them to continually optimise your newsletters and gain fascinating insights into the behaviour and interests of your target groups. The email tracking options show you at a glance the delivery rate, open rate, and click rate of your email campaign. Client reporting displays which email clients your customers are using to open your newsletters, and you can also track the number of opens and clicks over time.

Newsletter Software Open Rates Click Rates

Conversion Tracking

Tracking the conversion rates of newsletters is a basic must in ecommerce. Build conversion tracking into your newsletter to measure the conversions and sales that have resulted from your newsletter. With conversion tracking you can measure more than just sales. You can also define criteria for your email tracking. For example, you can choose to measure the number of times a particular page was opened or the number of registrations that took place on a given page. Learn about how this works in detail here.

Bounces and Unsubscribes

After sending a newsletter, the newsletter tracking tools generate real-time statistics about how many of those sent could not be delivered (bounce rate). The unsubscribe rate tells you how many newsletter subscribers have unsubscribed from your newsletter. If the person unsubscribes or if the email bounces, Newsletter2Go’s software automatically makes sure that this email address is not included in future campaigns.

Export Reports into PDF and Excel

Would you like to export your newsletter statistics in PDF or Excel form? With Newsletter2Go you are only one click away. Why not send white labelled reports in PDF form to your customers or managers? With the Excel export feature you have the additional option of obtaining your data in an excel file. This will mean that manipulating and editing your marketing intelligence will become a mere tease. It’s never been easier to track email campaigns than with Newsletter2Go

Clickmaps & Geolocating

Interactive Clickmaps

Track your email marketing campaign down to the individual clicks. Use the newsletter tracking tools to see exactly where subscribers have clicked in your emails. This shows you which content performed best, and can inform you as to what you should include in your next campaign. The click map is one of the most popular and easiest to use tracking features. It is easy to use, easy to understand, and is very effective.


Worldwide Geolocating

Track newsletters around the world with our geolocating feature. Are your open rates particularly high in a particular region or city? You can easily find out with Newsletter2Go’s Geolocation. This is where your open and click rates are shown on a map and are presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Target Group Clustering

Newsletter Tracking for Pros

If you want to evaluate your newsletter according to specific target groups then you will love Newsletter2Go’s clustering feature. This allows you to segment your recipients according to identifying traits and find out how your email performed within different target groups. You can see how many women opened the email, for example, vs. how many men opened it.

Multivariate Clustering

Tracking Plug-ins

Google Analytics Integration

Set up the google analytics tracking integration with one click. Use Google Analytics to view visits to your website that originated in the newsletter. This means that you’ll have all of the important tracking statistics within your own analytical platform. You can activate this feature before sending the email via the Tracking tab in the sending options section.

Google Analytics

Special Feature: Custom Tracking Domain

All link tracking is carried out via a neutral site by Newsletter2Go. If you’d like, you can also set up your own custom tracking domain. The tracking links are whitelabeled and your contacts will be shown the customized domain. You have full control over the domain name. The email tracking works in the same way as the link from Newsletter2Go.

econda Integration

You can use econda to import all relevant email statistics directly into your econda dashboard. Learn more about the interests and desires of your customers, and find out which email content is most appealing for them. The plug-in can be set up with just one click. Simply go into the sending options section and click on the Tracking tab.