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Newsletter unsubscribe management

Take advantage of automated newsletter unsubscribe management:

  • Pre-loaded unsubscribe link
  • Automated unsubscribe management
  • Legally compliant with no manual effort
Unsubscribe management

Stay Legally Compliant with Newsletter Unsubscribe Management

Each newsletter should contain an unsubscribe link to allow readers to opt out at any given time. The right to unsubscribe is a legal requirement in many countries, thus it’s advisable that you consult this international email law infographic to ensure you’re on the right side of the law when it comes to email marketing. Newsletter2Go’s got your back, offering you automated unsubscribe management.

The unsubscription process should be as smooth as possible for your recipients. The best way to go about it is to ensure that your contacts could unsubscribe in one go. Therefore, inserting an unsubscribe link should do.

With the newsletter unsubscribe management feature, you are on the safe side. Once you’re in the newsletter editor, you will find an automatically generated newsletter unsubscribe link. All you need to do it to insert it in the newsletter. This unsubscribe link leads to your address book at Newsletter2Go. If a recipient clicks on the link, they will be marked in the address book and, consequently, excluded from getting future emails. Automated unsubscribe management means that you don’t need to give the unsubscription process a second though. Even if you re-import the contact list, none of the unsubscribers will get to be emailed again.

Please note: We are happy to improve your user experience even further by designing a customized unsubscribe website in line with your corporate design. There, you can choose to feature the company logo, colors and an unsubscribe reason survey, thanks to which you can improve your email campaign. If you’d like to, we could unify the design of the signup and unsubscribe sites.

You can insert the unsubscribe link anywhere you like in the newsletter. Most of the time, marketers place it at the bottom the newsletter. Once the user clicks on the link,they get unsubscribed automatically, at that very time.

Automated unsubscribe management prevents you from accidently sending email campaigns to people who have unsubscribed. It’s an important one – users tend to complain if they start receiving marketing newsletters once they’ve unsubscribed. With Newsletter2Go, you don’t need to take cate of newsletter unsubscribe management as we keep track of your contact lists.

If you’d like to, you can also create an unsubscribe website with Newsletter2Go. You can embed it, just like the signup form, anywhere you’d like.

You will get access to this neutral unsubscribe website, to which people will be forwarded after they have unsubscribed. As you can see, it contains the unsubscribe reason survey so that you could get valuable feedback from people who might be unsubscribing simply because they’ve been receiving too many communications.

To be extra sure that unsubscribed users will never get communications from you, it’s recommendable to blacklist them. Once they are put on the blacklist, they won’t be ever emailed, even if you re-upload contact data. If you had to deal with spam complaints in the past, you should go for contact blacklisting.

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