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OXID Newsletter Integration

Add email marketing functionality with the OXID newsletter integration:

  • 1-click product transfer
  • Automatic contact synchronisation (Standard Plan & up) 
  • A/B tests (Standard Plan & up) 
  • Live reports and conversion tracking
  • Newsletter templates in your corporate design
  • Teamwork function for collaborative work (Standard Plan & up)
Oxid Integration

Work Faster with the OXID Email Marketing Integration

With the Newsletter2Go OXID newsletter integration, you can easily boost performance of your OXID shop. Powerful e-commerce features help you win new customers as well as increase sales. The OXID newsletter integration automatically synchronises the customer data and product information from your OXID shop with Newsletter2Go. Automatic contact transfer ensures that your address book is always up-to-date. Thanks to the 1-click product transfer feature, you can create professional newsletters in seconds.

Multivariate A / B testing allows you to test up to 3 variants of each traits (9 test altogether). Find the best performing variant of your newsletter and, consequently, drive revenue. You can scrutinize different subject lines as well as sender name variants as well as the content itself. The best performing newsletter variant will get sent automatically to your contacts.

Oxid newsletter integration & automatic contact synchronisation

If you have successfully connected your OXID shop with Newsletter2Go, your existing customer data and as well as contact features will be synchronised with Newsletter2Go. That feature is a time-saver – you don’t need to import newsletter subscribers manually. Your con tact list in Newsletter2Go will always stay up-to-date. As soon as someone registers with your OXID shop, bounces and decides to unsubscribe, these changes will be automatically taken care of by Newsletter2Go. For more information, check out this link: automatic contact synchronisation

Oxid Newsletter Integration & 1-click product transfer

Transfer product information from your OXID shop as well as images, prices and links directly into your newsletter with just one click. In order to access this premium feature, we’ll design your own premium newsletter template using your brand’s design and logos.

This template communicates via the Newsletter2Go OXID integration directly with your store, so that you can import all important product information into your newsletter simply by entering the product number. For more information, check out this link: 1-click content transfer

Detailed real-time reports for Oxid email marketing extension

They are there for you to show you how successful your email campaign is. Expect to find there nothing less but all the key figures such as the open, click-through and unsubscribe rate, which are presented in a user-friendly way. Professional reports will help you learn a lot about newsletter performance. A click map shows you which links in the newsletter were clicked and how many times. Using geolocating, you can a detailed map featuring the location of your contacts. If you’d like to, you can segment your so you can easily compare how different target groups have been performing.

The OXID newsletter integration is completely free of charge. All you need to do is to create an account and insert link to your OXID shop. Our newsletter software is completely free of charge. In addition, you can send up to 1,000 free emails per month. Only if you’d like to send more, you will need to purchase additional email credits, which you can easily do in your account.

Note: The contact synchronisation with your system is free. To use 1-click product transfer, you will need a one-time premium newsletter template. These can be booked by email at *protected email* or in your Newsletter2Go account. The template creation is, of course, programmed and designed exactly according to your wishes.

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