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Send Personalized Newsletters

Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign with Custom Newsletters:

  • Send personalized text to all of your contacts
  • Use identifying traits to send relevant and compelling content
  • Image personalization and personalized design blocks
Send Personalized Newsletters

Send Relevant Content For All of Your Contacts using Personalized Newsletters

Newsletter personalisation and newsletter segmentation have been proven to increase the success of email marketing campaigns by up to 81%.

This is the reason why every single email marketer to pay attention to these features. Our email marketing software makes creating and sending custom bulk email campaigns easy and hassle-free. Learn how to send out email marketing campaigns your clients will love with our custom newsletter tool.

Newsletter2Go’s newsletter software makes sending personalized newsletters easy for you. With Newsletter2Go’s intuitive newsletter personalisation wizard you can add placeholders that empower you to create and send individualized content that is relevant for all of your contacts.

Every contact receives content that is tailored and interesting for them. This creates trust, increases customer satisfaction, and most importantly can raise the number of clicks, leads, and conversions from your personalized newsletter.

Newsletter2Go’s condition-based personalisation goes one step further:

The conditions and differentiations can be applied to create complex personalisation placeholders that make your newsletter content even more personal. And all of this is easy as can be with just a few clicks.

Email Client Testing

Personalized newsletters, combined with email client testing will bring you astonishing results. After all, you want to make sure that every single subscriber gets an optimized newsletter, regardless what device they might use.

Our newsletter software ensures that your newsletters will display perfectly on every device and with every email client.

We’ve optimized every newsletter template that we created for you, for 36 different email programs. Learn more about the benefits of email client testing.

1 Click Product Transfer:

A good newsletter should not just generate sales. It should also be easy to create. You can send professional newsletters in just 5 minutes. This is exactly what we’ve done with the exclusive 1 click product transfer feature.

Transfer product information, photos, prices and other identifying information directly into your newsletter with just one click. This will save you the arduous task of copying over individual elements and reformatting everything.

In order to access this premium feature, we’ll design your own premium newsletter template using your firm’s design and logos. Click here to learn how to custom email newsletters: 1 click product transfer

1 Click Content Transfer:

Import content from your CMS into your newsletter with one click

Do you frequently send updated content such as blog posts from your CMS system? Then use the advantages of 1 click content acquisition for your CMS system. Import your newsletter content simply and quickly with little effort.

Your advantage: Transfer your site’s content into your newsletter simply by specifying the Post ID or Entity ID. Title, author, date, pictures and other attributes are then automatically synchronized. Save time and effort with the 1 click content transfer: No more copying and pasting individual pieces of content, customizing or formatting images. Click here to learn how to custom email newsletters: 1 click content transfer

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