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Personalized Voucher Codes

Available with STANDARD Plan

Send Every Contact a Personalized Voucher Code:

  • Voucher pool is quick and easy to create
  • Simple overview of all previously used codes
  • Automatic management of individual codes
  • Increases the success of your next newsletter
  • Increases the click rate
Birthday Emails

Engage Your Newsletter Contacts with Personalized Voucher Codes

Our email marketing software’s personalized voucher codes feature allows you to create your very own voucher pool in your Newsletter2Go account. Once these have been created and the codes selected, you will be able to send out customized voucher codes to every recipient in your next newsletter. With our newsletter tool, you’ll send voucher codes in no time.

The codes can be redeemed in your system with the personalized voucher code function Furthermore, the allocation and inclusion of the voucher codes in your newsletters is fully automated, saving you lots of time, especially with large recipient groups. Inserting customized voucher codes ups your personalization game. Learn more about newsletter personalization.

Further Newsletter Customization

Newsletter personalization and newsletter segmentation have been proven to increase the success of email marketing campaigns by up to 81%.

This is the reason why every single email marketer to pay attention to these features. Our email marketing software makes creating and sending custom bulk email campaigns easy and hassle-free. Learn how to send out email marketing campaigns your clients will love with our custom newsletter tool.

Newsletter2Go’s newsletter software makes sending personalized newsletters easy for you. With Newsletter2Go’s intuitive newsletter personalization wizard you can add placeholders that empower you to create and send individualized content that is relevant for all of your contacts.

This feature provides a fantastic opportunity to address your customers in a personal manner, in addition to all the normal personalization options such as personalized names, text and images. Make the most of our newsletter software and use personalized voucher codes to build your customer relationships and create a higher level of customer acceptance and therefore a higher conversion rate. Sending voucher codes on a regular basis will strengthen your relationship with customers.

Do you have any questions about automated and personalized voucher codes? Then send an email to or visit our contact page for your local phone number. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Take advantage of the personalized voucher code function.

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