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Personalized Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

Advantages of personalized registration and unsubscribe sites:

  • Include your corporate design and logos
  • All landing pages in a single design
  • Customize the unsubscribe questionnaire
  • Get customized unsubscribe sites
  • Personalized sites will draw in more customers
Personalized Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

Increase Brand Awareness with Personalized Sites

Company recognition is an integral part of powerful marketing. Sticking to corporate design ensures in your newsletters ensures that customers will keep you in their inboxes (and in their minds) and identify your brand immediately. That translates to more buying decisions.

Adapt every site that your recipients visit with your corporate design. From the first landing page to the last site after unsubscribe – all of these sites can and should be personalized to ensure a great user experience. Customized unsubscribe sites are an integral part of corporate design. Error pages, for example after a failed registration, will also be automatically adapted. You can post your Logo as well as your firm’s preferred fonts and colors. Moreover, you are also able to personalizes the unsubscribe questionnaire. Check out some examples here.

The following sites can be customized:

  • Landing Page after entering information in the Double Opt-In form
  • Landing Page after users click on the confirmation link
  • Error Pages after failed Registrations
  • Reasons for unsubscribing after entering information in the Unsubscribe form

Learn more about the benefits of corporate design in email marketing. .Here you can discover our newsletter tool and newsletter software.

What can be included in a personalized registration and unsubscribe sites?

  • Company Logo
  • Backround and/or images
  • Unsubscribe Reasons
  • Text and Font
  • Colors
  • Language
  • Further Design Elements and Styles

The customized unsubscribe page should include a survey with a list of unsubscribe reasons so that you can learn why some of your subscribers decided to opt-out.

People unsubscribe for many reasons. Newsletter campaigns might be not optimized for mobile. You might be sending too little or too many emails with too much or too little content. Your email campaigns might be irrelevant. Whatever the reason is, it is important that you find it and address it as soon as possible.

You can order your personalized sites here:

If you want to see more buying decisions, then you can order your personalized sites here. The personalized Registration and Unsubscribe sites start from 199€. If you would like to take advantage of this Premium feature, please contact our Sales team by E-Mail to ku.oc1539890073.og2r1539890073ettel1539890073swen@1539890073selas1539890073.

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