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Newsletter Contact Traits

Send your contacts a targeted email campaign:

  • Import and create as many identifying traits as you need
  • Diverse range of trait types (e.g. number, date, type, etc.)
  • Group-specific email marketing made easy
Contact traits

Targeted email marketing with newsletter contact traits

If you use appropriate contact traits to tailor the newsletter content, your readers will think you took time to approach them individually. It enables you to send out newsletter campaigns are relevant for every single contact. The best part of this feature is that you can create as many traits as you wish, which means that every single reader could be ‘labelled’ with certain traits and, consequently, receive a quality newsletter they’ll love.

You are free to use as many trait types as you’d like. One trait type would be text (email, URL, etc.), while other would be a number or data. Moreover, you could use a conditioned trait (if/then). The newsletter software can store a variety of information in the recipient list. In addition to the standard information such as email address, first name and surname, the list can contain specific information, shall you wish so. You might want to include buying behavior or average monthly turnover. In case you’re using an external system as well – existing contact features can be easily transferred from other systems. During contact import all existing traits and groups are automatically transferred so that you can use them freely for newsletter targeting.

Moreover, as an account owner you can share certain traits that your readers can edit independently. That allows you to tailor the content of your email campaign even further. All you need to do is to select which of traits can be changed by your contact. For example, they might want to modify their first name, surname, email address. They could also update their emails preferences, that is unsubscribe from one of the address books or subscribe to all of them. The more information you gather about your contacts, the more accurate campaigns you will send with the newsletter tool.

If you don’t want to get lost in your address book, implementing newsletter contact traits is a good idea. Thanks to this feature, finding your contacts becomes easier. You can search for an individual recipient or a combination of several traits. That allows you to find newsletter readers immediately. You could also create a new group of recipients with specific traits and easily send group-specific email marketing offers. Take advantage of behavior-based traits, which are automatically generated by Newsletter2Go and run targeted email campaigns. These newsletter contact traits indicate how often would a recipient open your newsletter and click on the link.

Use traits and specific contact groups to get segmented reports. Thanks to them, you will get to see all the key figures at a glance. For example, you will be able to see whether female open more newsletters than man. Once you see all areas of opportunity, you could address less responsive contacts or groups with more targeted promotional emails.

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