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Segment Your Contacts

Segment your contacts based on shared attributes:

  • Create different target groups to power your email campaigns
  • Use email segmentation to send highly relevant content
  • Quick and easy to get started
segment your contacts

Segment Your Contacts into Target Groups

Email list segmentation enables you to send highly relevant email campaigns that speak to your audience. Use the Newsletter2go email software to divide your contact list into smaller, more specific target groups.

Within our email software, you have plenty of options for segmentation. Create segments based on variables such as gender, age and geographical location, or focus on user behavior. Behavioral attributes include things like “last device used”, (e.g. Android) or “last email client”, as well as how the user interacts with your emails. Thanks to smart email tracking, you could segment your contact lists into those who opened your last email and those who didn’t, for example.

Highly Targeted Email Marketing

Segmenting your contacts into groups enables you to create emails that are interesting and relevant to each and every recipient. Rather than sending a generic campaign to your entire address book, tailor your message to each segment. Send reactivation emails to lapsed customers, a welcome message to new subscribers, or relevant product offers to customers who have recently made a purchase. The more relevant your emails, the more engaged the reader will be – and the less likely they are to unsubscribe or mark as spam. Segmenting your contact lists is therefore crucial if you want to make a positive impact in the inbox.

Email List Segmentation with Newsletter2Go

Segmenting your contacts is easy and doesn’t take long. Simply create a new segment and select the defining attributes from the drop-down menu. All contacts who meet these conditions will be presented as a list, and you can manually untick any recipients that you do not wish to include in the segment. When creating a new segment, you can also set it to auto-update; whenever you import new contacts, the software will automatically recognize their defining attributes and add them to the appropriate segment. Once you have set the conditions and searched for relevant contacts, simply save your segment and you’re ready to go.

Email segmentation is easy with Newsletter2Go, and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Our email marketing software allows you to create as many different segments as you like – and within each segment, you can set as many criteria as you need. Segment your contacts with Newsletter2Go and send emails your audience can really relate to.

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